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The Best of 2020

EDITORIAL: The Best of 2020? Really? (Heavy sigh.) Okay, to hell with 2020. We know it, you know it, enough is enough. Caution-fatigued to the max, right? Nonetheless, the hope and promise of a new year is upon us. We don’t think anyone is expecting great relief right from the start of 2021, but hopefully by the time we reach its end enough of the population has been vaccinated and life can go back to some normalcy.

In the meantime…

Happy New Year, everyone! As we’ve done in years past, we’re offering our readers a condensed list of our best articles of the year — a quick overview of our most popular educational or special interest blog posts. Since we have produced less of this type on content, however (to avoid redundancy), we are first going to offer links to previous lists for your convenience:

We were particularly slow at producing educational articles this year — though we did manage some real gems (see below) — but we made up for it in the publishing of many, many trip reports and wedding posts.

And now this year’s selections…

January, 2020
01/11: 2020 Couple’s Choice Award (Of interest.)
01/15: The 13th Essential (Important Update/Educational.)
February, 2020
02/21: The Need to Move (Educational.) — A Top Pick!
March, 2020
03/15: Dealing with Coronavirus (Purely archival.)
April, 2020
04/01: NH Bear Bell Project (Spoof.)
04/10: Virtual Courses are Real (Purely archival.)
May, 2020
05/11: Our Re-Opening Plan (Purely archival.)
June, 2020
06/02: Hiking Safely, Redefind (Of Interest/Educational.) — A Top Pick!
06/12: Five Reasons for Rescue (Educational.) — A Top Pick!
August, 2020
08/11: New Age of Trail Etiquette (Of Interest/Educational.) — Pick of the Year!
08/15: Momentum is your Friend (Of Interest.)
September, 2020
09/01: Why Hire a Guide (Of Interest.)
09/11: 2020 Traveler’s Choice Award (Of interest.)
October, 2020
10/01: NH’s Final Frontier (Of interest.)
10/17: Four Years Old (Purely archival.)
November, 2020
11/08: Cardigan Mountain Swedding (Of interest.)
11/09: How Hikers Stay Warm (Educational.) — A Top Pick!

Thank you for reading and sharing our articles.

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