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Weather Adventure, 2024

Our first Mt Washington Observatory (MWOBS) Overnight Adventure was a success. Unfortunately not everyone who signed up was able to participate. The weather was the reason for the bulk of those who didn’t do it. As often occurs on Mt Washington, the weather was being naughty. Very windy and very cold. Not enough for our trained guides to throw in the towel on, but approaching that. […]

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SnowMoon Snowshoe Success

Our recent Snow Moon Snowshoe event was a big success. We had seven participate — led by Redline Guide Mike Cherim — and they were from all over, hailing from Quebec to Florida with a couple of New England states well-represented in the middle. The super low temperatures were a cause for concern, but everyone was decently geared-up and ready, at least for the objective at […]

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Snow Moon Snowshoe

Join Us for a Nighttime Full Moon Snowshoe Hike The second full moon of 2024 — also known as the Snow Moon — will appear on Saturday, February 24, 2024 and we’ve decided to lead a moonlight snowshoe hike for this event. This moon is named the “Snow Moon” because in February it is usually colder across the Northern Hemisphere with snowfall in many countries. This […]

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Our Buddies in Group Two

Just like last weekend, we’ve been hanging out with our buddies, our Hiking Buddies, that is. Together, we are making an effort to educate, giving of our time and wisdom. Together we are offering safety through insight and knowledge, leadership, even companionship. Together, we are trying to let SAR volunteers stay home. Like our first group, this weekend’s students were working on earning their three-season Redline […]

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Our Buddies in Group One

Our brains are like sponges and we’re never done learning. —BC The group out there that many of you have heard about — the one called Hiking Buddies — started a thing. Inspired by tragedy, they decided to affect a change — or at least try to. The first order of business: Well, our Buddies don’t solo and the aforementioned tragedy involved a person hiking on […]

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MWOBS Overnight Adventure

This event’s sold out — Reach out to be waitlisted Join Us on an Epic Mountain Adventure! Hike/Climb Mt Washington with Redline Guiding. Stay Overnight, Safe and Sound in the Famed Mt Washington Weather Observatory Located on the Summit at the Mt Washington State Park! Extreme weather, mountain adventure, full immersion in the excitement, this trip has it all. We’re stoked to finally offer this very […]

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To Inspire and Empower

The idea Redline Guide and Gossamer Gear Ambassador Arlette Laan had was to offer an educational overnight — a backpacking clinic, free, to four qualifying people. We were there to support the event, offering gear if needed, and Gossamer Gear was to outfit the group with packs (which they got to keep) and cover costs. To qualify, hopeful participants had to be ‘true beginners who could […]

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Our Sixth Annual Trails Day

Ayuh, We’re Again Giving Back to the Mountain Trails we Love so Much by Literally Rolling Up Our Sleeves and Working on Them! Wanna Help? Did you know there is a specification for the construction of non-wilderness trails? If you weren’t aware, the “corridor” is meant to be 4-feet wide by 8-feet tall, with a 24-inch “tread-way” or “foot-bed.” In Federally-designated Wilderness Areas, those numbers drop […]

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Good Buddies

How do buddies become good buddies? They train for it. That’s what happened on this day: we offered some training — a Hiking Intro (Winter Version) — for the Hiking Buddies NH 48 group on Facebook. On duty for this awesome and well-received event were Redline Guides Mike Cherim, Mike Maciel, and Brian Wasiewski. To the guides and students alike, great job one and all. Here […]

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Five Years of Trail Work

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed by our 5th Annual Trails day. Deciding to join the fun is deciding to give back to the forest and its users. This year we worked on the Oliverian-Downes Brook XC Ski Trail West Loop bringing its corridor back to specs. It’ll be a plus for anyone skiing it this coming winter. Go check it out! We’d like to […]

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Backpacking 101, Women’s Edition

Sorry, this event is full! Request another date here. Now that she’s back, we wanted to get Redline Guide Arlette Laan out there guiding, teaching, and empowering others. She’s been with us since day one and has earned a great reputation in that time and is a font of knowledge. Specifically we wanted to get her on another Women’s Only Backpacking Trip as these have been […]

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