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Hello Alpine Touring

We had a fellow new to backcountry skiing looking to get out and sample the goods. He had heard good things. While he was new to the scene, he opted to forego our more formalized training and to jump right in. He was a confident, skilled skier so this would be no problem. Which is good because as is typical in the backcountry, conditions were variable but not bad. Being new to the scene, Redline Guide Erik Samia (you don’t read about his much, but he’s still with us) opted to address some basic information anyway. He spoke on touring gear, skinning, avalanche safety, using avalanche steady gear, touring efficiency, and more. They ended up getting into some steep gullies in the Gulf of Slides, There, besides the skiing, the duo enjoyed blue skies and sunshine. According to Erik, our guest “did amazing and had a classic White Mountain ski day.” He hopes our guest will book again.

Great job, team. Welcome back, Erik, and to our guest: thank you for choosing Redline Guiding. Hope to see you soon!

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