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MWOBS Overnight Adventure

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Photo courtesy MWOBS. Used with permission.

Join Us on an Epic Mountain Adventure!

Hike/Climb Mt Washington with Redline Guiding. Stay Overnight, Safe and Sound in the Famed Mt Washington Weather Observatory Located on the Summit at the Mt Washington State Park!

Extreme weather, mountain adventure, full immersion in the excitement, this trip has it all. We’re stoked to finally offer this very limited event. Stay on the summit of New England’s highest peak, one of the the world’s most gnarly mountains thanks to its extreme weather (the world’s worst). See it first hand from the safety of the Mt Washington Weather Observatory (MWOBS) located at the Mt Washington State Park — provided you have what it takes to get there.

Here are Important Details

Here’s some important information on the event details we know you’re going to want or need. Inclusions, etc.

  • When: FEBRUARY 24th-25th, 2024
  • How Much: As low as $475/person (see below)
  • What’s included:
    • Welcome snack, dinner, and breakfast.
    • Co-ed accommodations in MWOBS bunk room.
    • Facilities tour and sharing of knowledge.
    • On-mountain hike/climb refresher training.
    • Professional guide oversight, start to finish.
  • What’s not included:
    • Climbing/hiking and safety gear.
    • Sleeping bag (summer-rated is fine).
    • Detailed climbing/hiking instruction. (Is available).
    • Snacks during the ascent and descent.
    • Delayed descent evac transportation.
    • Gratuities; 15-25% is customary for a good job.

Here are Important Variables

Here’s some important information on the event variables we know you’re going to want or need, and some other stuff.

  • It’s important to note that weather delays/issues are possible.
  • There is some risk involved (travel insurance may be warranted).
  • It’s uncommon, but if unable to ascend/summit due to weather, we will, along with the MWOBS, attempt to re-schedule the trip.
  • Also uncommon, if unable to descend/leave due to weather, staying longer may be required for safety reasons.
  • If this occurs, there is a per/person/night charge of $150.
  • Two added nights/meals are covered by a $300/person *refundable Security Deposit in the event leaving isn’t possible.
  • *If unused (in-full/partly), the amount remaining will be refunded to you after the trip concludes, minus a $25 processing fee OR we’ll apply a non-expiring credit to your account for the full amount of the Security Deposit remainder. You decide.
  • Regular Booking Deposits (meaning not referring to Security Deposit) are non-refundable inside of 45 days prior to the event!

Here’s the Pricing Info

MWOBS Overnight Adventure Pricing
For one person $625
For two people $575 each
For three people $525 each
For four or more $475 each
Other MWOBS Overnight Adventure Charges
2D delayed descent security deposit Add $300 each (generally mostly refunded or fully credited)
Make it private Only avail if booking for a group of 9

Here’s How to Sign Up

To join this winter epic and partake in this coveted mountaineering/meteorological experience, please…

  1. ACT FAST! Fill out/submit our Booking Form »
  2. Tell us about your gear needs on the form.
  3. Tell us about allergies/dietary restrictions on the form.
  4. Select “OTHER: MWOBS Overnight” from the Activities menu.
  5. Select the advertised date range where it asks and send it.
  6. Then fill out this special MWOBS Waiver (in addition to ours).

Don’t delay, spots are limited. First come, first served. Bring a buddy or the fam (age 16 min.) and save money. We’ll reach out once your form is received to confirm. Questions? Please reach out.

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In addition to Redline Guiding and the Mt Washington Observatory (MWOBS), this event is made possible with the cooperation of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, Division of Parks and Recreation. Thank you!

Photo courtesy MWOBS. Used with permission.

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