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More Education Posts?

We hardly ever post on our blog about our Educational classes. There’s not even a category for it, at least at the time of this writing. We’ve been stuffing them, when we do produce then, under the Trips category like the many Adventures we write about. It’s not the best call on our part, thinking from a search engine’s perspective, we should buckle down and write […]

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Springing into Action

Not your typical spring Monday. While Redline Guide Ken Hodges was teaching one student Digital Navigation — sending her husband photos of the locations she tracked — and while Redline Guide and NH JP Mike Cherim was officiating a wedding way up in Dummer, NH, Redline Guide Pat Ferland was giving the first Rock Climbing Intro course of the season. For more on the rock intro, […]

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River Cross Training

Viewing streams and waterfalls when we hike is just one of the many perks of the sport. Hiking trails will often follow the gentle meander established by nature keeping hikers close to the action. Close but separate — which is best in the interests of convenience and safety. Eventually the combining of waterways and trails, however, will cause hikers to have to cross over or walk […]

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Catching the Edge

Catching the edge of the backcountry ski season, we mean. That’s what Redline Guide Phoebe Seltzer did with one returning guest with an east side objective (Tux, of course). We mean “edge of the season” loosely as we have skied through May and into June before utilizing the Eastern Snow Fields, Airplane Gully, and more. But the reality is the things are changing. Traffic is slowing […]

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Map and Compass Plus

Critical thinking while simplifying complexity, and discovering a usefulness for the skills learned, better allows our students to keep them fresh (plus we give supported homework that is meant to help). These are some of what we strive for in our Wilderness Navigation course. We want our students to be able to think on their feet. Redline Guide Mike Cherim just taught two individuals, each with […]

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Amidst the Mist

We noted in our last blog post that the team ventured to the edge of the mist, everything above it obscured, but didn’t really venture too far beyond that point. Meanwhile, one returning experienced backcountry ski guest also on the mountain, enjoying his own tour with Redline Guide Phoebe Seltzer, pushed further. They entered VertigoLand where ground meets sky at some ill-defined point. Just like a […]

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Overcoming “Up There”

Humans will often fear the unknown. Our imaginations can run wild. New places with new challenges will often equate to new mental foes with which we do battle. There’s no shame in this. It’s completely normal. Especially given some circumstances, it’s entirely expected. To not feel trepidation, in fact, might be a cause for concern in some cases. So, within the context of this blog posting, […]

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Three Seasons in a Day

As the team powered up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail the day felt like summer. Not only was it fairly warm to begin with, coupled with the exertion of going up with heavy gear, it ended up feeling pretty hot. A sweat-inducing hot. As they rose in elevation, however, spring took over, the heat breezily whisked away. And by the time they landed in the alpine, it […]

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One if by Land, Two if by Ski

This post is another weekend re-cap, albeit for a fairly slow weekend. We just lack material — one guest opting out of photos — so we decided to consolidate the events. Up first was Redline Guide Howard Aronson teaching a full-day Hiking Intro course. Having been out there on the trails for more than a decade, we know he has lots to offer. Next up was […]

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Double Good

Working on her 52 With A View list, taking on the Doubleheads in Jackson brought here two peaks (albeit just one spot) closer to the finish line for our oft-returning guest. It was a gorgeous day, sunny, clear, and unseasonably warm, almost too warm to hike. Yet, despite appearances, the deep snows on the ground told the true story: it’s spring. The team, led by Redline […]

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Skiing Tux and the GOS

Spring backcountry skiing is upon us. Even though snow depths are reducing in the brilliant April sunshine, there’s a ways to go. People know this, and seeing that the whole Presidential Range is in the green (denoting a low danger of avalanches at the time of this writing… see image inset (dated 4/11)), and observations of cracking or avalanching are also reducing, folks are getting after […]

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