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Windy Mt Washington

They knew it’d be iffy. “Threading the eye of the needle,” Ryan mentioned. Could they make it? To navigate? To overcomes the winds? The lousy visibility? The cold? They tried but this shaken snow globe of a mountain turned them around, telling them to take it on on another day. It’s like that up there. It was sunny and nice everywhere else. Everywhere but there. The […]

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Skiing Crescent Ridge Glade

An experienced intermediate/advanced skier had long had backcountry ski touring on her bucket list so when she found us in the Vibe Magazine she was stoked. We were equally stoked — ski guiding is fun business. And with alpine touring (AT), Nordic, telemark, and split-boarding guides standing by, we’re ready. Our guest was looking for a relaxed, moderate day without too many surprises, and Redline Guide […]

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Gulf of Slides Ski Tour

The whole season has seen one change after another due to Covid-19 concerns, travel restrictions, and other related challenges. It’s just one of those years. Crazy. It’s been good for us so far, but we’ve had to work extra hard for it. So to have a sizable self-contained group come to us wanting to ski was great — even though they were dealing with their own […]

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Mt Madison, Ice, and More

What a great weekend. Lots going on. Redline Guide Mike Cherim was teaching navigation, Ryan McGuire was showing a Ridj-it group how to climb ice at “Lost in the Forest” in Crawford Notch, and Pat Ferland was training a group of four one day showing them the ins-and-out of winter hiking and mountaineering, then leading them up Mt Madison on snowshoes the next day. Pat even […]

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Hale’s B/C Ski Glades

Some awesome backcountry ski glades is what one will find if they look on the backside (west side) of the unbeloved 4000-footer called Mt Hale. “Unbeloved” because it is an easy, ordinary 4000-footer lacking views. Many deem it not special, and thus unbeloved. To certain humans, however, the ones willing to work for it, “earning their turns,” the mountain offers a treat, and least to backcountry […]

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Snowshoeing Hedgehog Mtn

The plan was to get some snowshoeing in, to have some fun, and to take in some of the sights showing our guest from southern New Hampshire what it’s all about. Sounds like a plan, right? Leading this hike was Redline Guide Ken Hodges and on tap for their day was to complete the UNH Trail Loop taking in Allen’s Ledge, the Hedgehog Mountain summit (2543′), […]

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Hit Snooze, It’s Okay

About an hour after the hike was over we got a text message from our first-time guest telling us how awesome the hike was, and how awesome Redline Guide Mike Maciel was. Oh, and that she’d be back. Being new to winter hiking, Mike decided the 4310-foot 4000-footer we call Mt Pierce would be a fine choice. We have to agree. And as it turned out, […]

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Cabot: Not There Yet!

Many people have summited this 4000-footer. Or, rather, many thought to have summited it. We see the photos on social media. They take us along on their adventure. We see photos of the trailhead, the road, the crossing, the hike up, the people, the breaks, the junctions, the ridge, the pristine boreal zone, the old fire warden’s cabin, the old tower clearing (the lower summit as […]

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Skills and Skiing

Our most recent guest asked a pretty innocent question on Facebook. He wanted to know about guided trips. Within a few minutes Redline Guiding was enthusiastically mentioned more than a dozen times. The folks who recommended us know us either first hand — as friends, associates, or as previous guests — or by way of our presence, but in any case, it was completely natural. We […]

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Diving In

They told us they had some larger objectives in their sights, something cool down the road in Asia. Probably having something to do with those incessantly-calling mountains. They saw a post Redline Guide Ryan McGuire had posted to a Facebook group, checked us out online, and decided to try one of our two-day winter Mt Washington adventures complete with a full day of winter and mountaineering […]

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Climb Condition One

Originally a two-day winter Presidential Range traverse, safety spoke and the plan was changed. Due to high winds on the exposed summits combined with extreme cold, Redline Guide Will Murphy, along with our guest, prudently felt they should redirect the traverse and focus closer to Madison Spring Hut where they camped and just grab two of the “4000-footers,” namely Madison (5367′) and Adams (5774′) in the […]

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Snowshoe-Ski Combo Tour

Hiking in the White Mountain National Forest is quite the experience. In the winter, most of the NH 48 4000-footers are summited by folks wearing snowshoes. Being that some of the trailheads are accessed by seasonal forest service and other roads, however, many of those winter hikes involve more snowshoeing than normal. Or, in the case of this tour led by Redline Guide Will Murphy, they […]

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