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Near Winter Mt Jackson

[…] views are secondary, hiking the Whites is sublime. Our returning guest, a former student, wanted a 4000-footer, something on her list — after all, she is working on hiking the 48 recognized 4000-footers in NH. She also wanted to keep the mileage down being that this would be a full-on winter hike during full-on winter conditions, and a winter shakedown hike at that. Given this, […]

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Our Winter Season Begins

This weekend sort of started the ball rolling for us, so to speak. It began Saturday with a Winter Skills course followed by a Mountaineering Skills course. And this was followed the next day with a successful ascent of Mt Washington — the tallest most badass peak in the Northeast and the crown jewel of the White Mountain National Forest. Atypical of its badassness, however, the […]

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Chasing Bear in Vermont

“The bears were really active. We followed one up the mountain the entire way, then again on our way down. Probably the same bear — maybe peak-bagging. We never laid eyes on him but we knew he was very close. And likewise to be sure.” This was reported to us by Redline Guide Ken Hodges. Ken was in Vermont guiding a returning guest who opts for […]

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Wintery on Washington

In the Valley the leaves have mostly dropped. For days there has been frost on surfaces in the morning. We had a dusting of snow the other day which remains in shady places. The seasons are changing. Here in the Mount Washington Valley, it’s clear winter is stepping up ready to take Autumn’s place. That’s here in the Valley. And from here in the Valley, one […]

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Thorn Mountain Bushwhack

With water levels too high to comfortably execute their Plan A, the team’s hope of exploring the ledges of Popple Mountain would have to wait. And, thus a Plan B was formed. Redline Guide Mike Cherim motioned with a thumb over his left shoulder toward the lovely Jackson, NH, and suggested another local “trailless” peak: Thorn Mountain. It was back to the drawing board for our […]

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Early Season “Winter” Hike

The weather offered up fresh snow, rime, and frost. Winter, it seemed, had descended upon the southern Presidential Range. Our guest, from the Netherlands, would surely be impressed. (Spoiler alert: she was.) The story of her adventure we are leaving in the capable hands of our guides, so without further ado… Our guest came to us, as many guests often do, looking for a hike with […]

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Three Years, Four Inches

We turned three today, going into our fourth year of business […] In a previous life, under the name of a different company, and more than a decade past, a vertical stack of four inches of paper was “used” every two weeks or so. The company was pro-environmental by its very nature — living organisms were sold as biological pest control agents — and at the […]

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Help With Scar Ridge

One might call this trip a foliage bushwhack. Part foliage tour in the mountains, part steep and tough battle through the bush avoiding the extra thick pencil woods (thin trees growing so densely that transit is impossible). This tour, of course, is one we’ve done before. Helping folks with some of these trickier New England Hundred Highest peaks like this one, Scar Ridge (3775′). This tour […]

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