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The Best of 2019

Happy New Year, everyone! As we’ve done in years past, we’re offering our readers a condensed list of our best articles of the year — a quick overview of our most popular educational or special interest blog posts. Since we have produced less of this type on content, however (to avoid redundancy), we are first going to offer links to previous lists for your convenience:

And now this year’s selections…

February, 2019
02/02: Weddings to the Wild (No additional title. Of interest.)
02/15: Sensing the Whites (No additional title. Educational.)
April, 2019
04/01: Experimental Forests (No additional title. Spoof.)
04/24: Familiar Old Friends (No additional title. Guest piece by Adam Kateri Mooshian. Educational.)
May, 2019
05/01: Redline Guiding’s Basecamp (No additional title. Of Interest.)
05/21: Summer Hiking Pack (“Contents of a Proper Summer Hiking Pack.” Educational.) — A Top Pick!
June, 2019
06/06: Mt Washington’s Weather (No additional title. Educational.) — A Top Pick!
06/10: Team in Training Event (No additional title. Of Interest.)
06/17: Mt Washington FAQs (No additional title. Educational.) — A Top Pick!
September, 2019
09/13: Guides Do Good (No additional title. Of Interest.)
October, 2019
10/01: Backpack Porter Service (“Backpack Porter Service in the White Mountains.” Of interest.)
10/17: Three Years, Four Inches (No additional title. Of interest.)
November, 2019
11/22: Hiking the Whites (“What it’s Like Hiking in the WMNF of NH.” Educational.) — A Top Pick!

Thank you for reading and sharing our articles. Moving ahead for 2020 we will continue to try to produce more educational and of interest. Happy New Year!

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