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Trail Running

Activity Description

Some like to hike more slowly, savoring every vista, just taking their time. Others not so much. Fortunately, we have something for both crowds. For our high intensity guests seeking a rush, we offer three season trail running adventures. Want to run a “Presidential Traverse” or take on a “Pemi Loop” in a day? How about in under eight hours?! We can help. Knowing the region the way we do, those two destinations are just a hint of what we can offer. There’s a lot out there and we know every mile. You just arrive ready to run, we take care of the rest. We know the trails, the weather, the logistics… you focus on the run.

Activity Offerings

We can offer a simple half day run, lasting 3-4 hours or so or a full 6-8 hour day. What you get done really depends a lot on your drive and ability. We can also extend these listed times significantly if you have lofty goals — such as a sub-24 hour “Hut to Hut Traverse” as just one example — or just prefer a more leisurely pace. Talk to us, contact us and tell us what kind of experience you’re looking for, or do so right in the comments box of our Booking Form. It’s your day, it’s your run. We’re there to help you make it happen.

What to Wear

To ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, we offer this important clothing information. When dressing for trail running you always want to note the following:

  • Think layers. On top of the scant clothing you will wear, extra independent outer layers offer maximum flexibility, allowing for better temperature control. Mountain weather is a game changer. There is no runner’s “Ready Pack” available at this time.
  • Never wear cotton, even at the underwear level. Synthetic materials, wool, and especially performance/wicking materials should be your clothing of choice. For trail running, since cotton won’t dry and doesn’t insulate while wet, it can pose a hazard. You will want to wear the right type of sports or running clothing and you will want to bring some extras.
  • Bring more than you think you need. Mountain weather can be very tricky and unpredictable. While it may be nice in town, the mountains can be very different. Being prepared can save your life. Of course, with trail running weight is of even greater concern so concessions may need to be made. Understandably.
  • For footwear, use your trail runners of choice provided they have good traction on wet rock and other seemingly unpredictable surfaces. This is key. These will be suitable for summer runs, but for some spring or fall days something a little warmer and sturdier — to support traction devices — might be wanted.

Necessary Gear

For your trail running gear needs, in addition to your non-cotton running clothes and footwear as described above, we currently offer two options (which are modified by the season). Click to expand.

Gear Option 1 - Open
Bring your own running pack containing the gear shown in the list below, modified by the season and objective (also noting it is colder in the mountains) but rent any necessary specialty gear items in the sub-list below.

  • Hydration pack with a 2 liter bladder (~10-20 liters).
  • A windshirt/lightweight wind breaker.
  • Lightweight mid-layer or fleece.
  • Lightweight puffy in the colder months.
  • Seasonally-rated gloves and/or mittens.
  • A warm hat, one that can cover the ears.
  • Buff or similar piece.
  • Food for the day, plus extra. (See note below.)
  • Whistle or sound-making device (sternum strap whistles are okay).
  • Personal first aid kit/meds.
  • Personal hygiene items (TP, plastic bag).
  • Camera/phone (weather-protected).
  • Lip balm, sun block.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Space blanket or bivy.
  • Seasonally-rated gaiters.

SPECIAL NOTE: Runners will want to aim for 300-400 calories per hour plus enough for an extra three hours beyond your planned day. Fueling while mountain running usually requires an easy-to-manage combination of solid foods and gels, plus candy bars, granola bars, protein bars, etc. Energy gels such as Carboom, Gu, and Cliff are also useful.

Plus any of these applicable Specialty Gear Items, which may be rented…

  • Headlamp, $5/person/day.
  • Microspikes, $25/pair/person/day (ice season only).
  • Trekking poles, $5/pair/person/day (for pole running).
  • Snowshoes, $15/pair/person/day (when needed).
  • Gear Insurance, $20/person/day.
Gear Option 2 - Open
Bring everything and rent nothing. In which case, you will need everything from the above lists appropriate to your activity, time of year, and expected conditions. Contact us if you have questions, mention it on the booking form, or simply note it when we call to finalize your booking.

Okay… Let’s Do This!

Here is the pricing and other information you’ll probably want to know.

Half Day Trail Run Pricing
For one person $125
For two people $175
Added people $75 each
Full Day Trail Run Pricing
For one person $200
For two people $325
Added people $150 each
Trail Running Premiums
Make it private* Add $75
Sunrise or sunset Add $100
Extensions Ask or Call
Other Information
  • The difficulty of this activity is as requested and variable.
  • This activity has a 1:4 guide/guest ratio.
  • The maximum group size is 8 with 2 guides.
  • For parties larger than 8, please contact us.
  • Gratuities not included; 15-20% is customary for a good job.

Not ready for this? Try out our Trail Running Intro course. Otherwise, go ahead and BOOK IT NOW!

* Private premium auto-applied to groups of three or fewer.

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