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Weather Adventure, 2024

Introducing the 2024 MWOBS Overnight Weather Adventure Summit Team.

Our first Mt Washington Observatory (MWOBS) Overnight Adventure was a success. Unfortunately not everyone who signed up was able to participate. The weather was the reason for the bulk of those who didn’t do it. As often occurs on Mt Washington, the weather was being naughty. Very windy and very cold. Not enough for our trained guides to throw in the towel on, but approaching that. Another 10 degrees colder or winds 10 miles per hour stronger and that might have been it… the dreaded “too much.”

Of the nine people we had for this sold-out event, five gave it a go, and of those four summited and stayed as planned — in addition, of course, to Redline Guides Pat Ferland and Will Murphy. Both did an amazing job leading our guests on this spectacular adventure. This was an incredible event and we’d like to thank the MWOBS and the NH State Parks for presenting the opportunity. Now check out these photos by Pat and Will…

Great job and congratulations to everyone: our awesome guides and guests, and thanks goes to our wonderful hosts!

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