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The Best of 2017

Happy New Year, everyone! As we did last year — offering our readers a condensed list of our best articles of the year — here we are again offering a quick overview of our most popular blog posts, most educational in nature.

January, 2017
01/23: Being a Good Hiking Buddy (Steps Toward Being a Good Hiking and Climbing Partner)
01/26: How I Died Hiking (No additional title) – *Our Pick of the Year!
February, 2017
02/14: Ice Axe Versus Trekking Poles (Should Hikers Use Trekking Poles or an Ice Axe in the White Mountains?)
March, 2017
03/08: Spring Dangers in the Mountains (No additional title)
03/13: What Can Go Wrong, May (Whiteface… and then added on the Tripyramids – Guest piece by Shalla)
April, 2017
04/01: A Permit to Hike, Finally (No additional title) – A Reader Top Pick!
04/02: Dangerous Separation (No additional title) – A Top Pick!
04/13: Staying Dry (Staying Dry While Hiking in the Mountains)
04/19: Hiking the 4000-Footers of NH (Guide to Hiking New Hampshire’s 48 4000-Footers) – Reader Pick of the Year!
May, 2017
Whoops, we didn’t write any educational pieces this month.
June, 2017
06/09: Packing Light vs Preparedness (Hiking Fast and Light or Slow and Heavy: How Prepared Are You?) – A Top Pick!
06/22: To Go or Not To Go (No additional title)
July, 2017
07/08: Finding the Wilderness (Exploring the White Mountain National Forest’s Six Wilderness Areas)
07/11: Seven Principles of LNT (A Primer: The Seven Priciples of LNT) – A Top Pick!
August, 2017
08/14: Walk on the Wild Slide (Safely Climbing Talus Slides and Gullies)
08/31: Redlining the White Mountains (Redlining the White Mountain Guidebook) – A Reader Top Pick!
September, 2017
09/19: Changes to the Guide (Changes to the White Mountain Guide) – A Reader Top Pick!
October, 2017
10/01: Autumn’s Hidden Dangers (Fall Dangers Hikers Need to be Aware Of) – A Top Pick!
November, 2017
11/03: Five Fundamentals (5 Fundamentals Worth Thinking About Before Going Hiking)
December, 2017
12/01: Three Systems for Hikers (Three Systems Hikers, BC Skiers, and Mountaineers Rely On)

*Note: A reprint of the piece, How I Died Hiking, also appears the Winter/Spring 2018 issue of the AMC’s Appalachia Journal.

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