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Morgan and Percival

These two peaks — Morgan and Percival — appear on the 52 With a View list — numbers 51 and 52, respectively — but they may be even more well known for their sketchy bits earning them not one but two places on the Terrifying 25 list as well. This day wasn’t about sketchy bits, though. This was just a hike, exercise, fresh air, and views. On lead for this was Readline Guide Howard Aronson leading a single oft-returning guest.

It was a very beautiful and quiet day on the Mount Morgan-Percival loop. We started out about 9:30 in the morning after a small delay. We headed up to Mount Morgan (2213′) first. After having a snack, we headed over to Mount Percival (2200′). When we were going to head down from Mount Percival we realized that the cliffs were too icy to go down so we doubled back along the ridge back to Mount Morgan. We then came down the Mount Morgan Trail the way we went up. It was a great day for it. —Howard

Here are some photos from both guide and guest.

Great job, team. Nice lead, Howard. And to our guest, thank you for all your adventures with Redline Guiding!

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