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Boulder Loop Wedding

Rachel and Greg — Married December, 31st, 2020

Originally when they contacted us, they declined our use of photos — we always ask right on the form on our Weddings page — but then they saw what Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim had created for another couple and they opted in. If for nothing else, it would be a little keepsake to view and enjoy down the road. Meanwhile, Mike could get in the practice he needed to get something like this video thing to a reasonable level of skill… well, someday is the plan.

The weather was perfect, not too cold, but not too warm, either. Breezy, in a nice way. The trio enjoyed a brisk hike in together, of course Mike giving them lots of opportunities to take breaks (they didn’t need them) as he did his filming, running back and forth, full guide pack, wondering to himself, planning his footage and stills, WWLD — What Would Les (Stroud) Do? The hike is three miles in length and it’s not overly difficult. The Boulder Loop Trail, which we hiked this time in a clockwise fashion, is an interpretative trail. We noted the markers, but we didn’t have the key at the time.

As usual, here is a blog post with a few photos of the bride and groom. It’s always been our standard fare, if you will. But here we also put together this short film made for the couple and posted to our YouTube channel. We hope you love it. Like and subscribe!

Click on this image to access a short video (11:44) posted on our YouTube channel. Enjoy… then like and subscribe.

Congratulation Rachel and Greg.

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