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Willey and Field Are Two

The plan was to take on the Willey Range for a new guest working on her NH 4000-footers. She was from Connecticut, not new to our mountains, approaching the half-way point, but didn’t want to take on the winter summits without backup. That’s where we come in. Just before the hike our guest had been visiting family down under, but felt ready to take on this tour. Unfortunately, feeling jet-lagged wasn’t something she counted on so after taking on two of the three planned mountains, she decided the hour was getting late and the pace was slowing so we threw in the towel on Tom. This tour was led by Redline Guide Chase Hall and he provided his own synopsis, as follows:

Two out of three isn’t bad when you have jet lag coming back from visiting your family in Australia. Oh, yeah, and my guest earned her Golden Boot award for breaking out Kedron Flume Trail. It was a strong start of the day for my guest who, on this hike, wanted to work on her trail-breaking skills. It was a lot of fun teaching my guest how to break trail and to look for the blazes on the trees. We broke out Kedron Flume Trail to Willey Range Trail to summit. At Willey summit jet lag was starting to take over and slowed our pace to Mt Field. After some lunch in the sun on the cold Field summit, my guest’s legs had enough and we decided to not attempt Tom and leave the mountains with our heads held high. Awesome job on breaking out trail and hiking the Willey Range Trail. —Chase


This was a private hiking tour so guest photos are limited to the images shared above only.

Great lead, Chase. To our guest, thank you for embarking on your adventure with Redline Guiding!

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