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The Best of 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! As we did last year — offering our readers a condensed list of our best articles of the year — here we are again offering a quick overview of our most popular blog posts, most educational in nature.

February, 2018
02/19: How’s Your Self Care? (No additional title.)
March, 2018
03/02: A Healthy Fear (No additional title.)
April, 2018
04/01: Number 49 (No additional title. Spoof.) — A Reader Top Pick!
04/08: Metamorphosis of a Hike (No additional title. A NH Tramper reprint.)
June, 2018
06/05: Anatomy of a Rescue (No additional title. To be reprinted in MW Vibe in 2019.) — A Top Pick!
July, 2018
07/16: The Backpacker’s Fire (No additional title.) — A Top Pick!
September, 2018
09/25: Not Here, Not Now (The Epic of Dan McGinness. To be reprinted in Appalachia in 2019.) — A Top Pick!
October, 2018
10/18: Reversing Raynaud Syndrome (No additional title.)
November, 2018
11/07: Hiking NH’s 52 With A View (Guide to […] New Hampshire’s Best Small Mountain Gems.) — A Top Pick!
December, 2018
12/01: Preparing for Safety (No additional title. Written for and reprinted from

Thank you for reading and sharing our articles. Moving ahead for 2019 we will continue to try and produce educational works designed to help you and our readers stay safe out there. Happy New Year!

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