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Having an Impact

Every now and then the impact we have on others reminds us our importance. There are stories re-told on our testimonials page that credit us in part for people getting themselves back on trail or for stopping themselves with an ice axe during a long, sliding fall. In these reminders we see how the training we offer has really done some good. Maybe saved a life […]

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Meaningful Excerpt

When hikers finish summiting all of the New Hampshire 4000-footers they can apply to the AMC to become a “member of the club” taking home a scroll and a small patch, affirming their successful endeavor. It’s an honor-system thing, lightly regulated by the committee in charge by way of board members asking for a list marked with the dates and details and a personal essay from […]

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We’re Seven Years Old

In dog years we’re just shy of a mature and well-seasoned fifty. In human terms we no longer poop in our pants, which is good as the other second graders would point and laugh at us. Where we are as a company is somewhere in between. The other second graders definitely respect us, and our customers — “guests” as we’ve always called them — seem to […]

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Travelers’ Choice, 2023

We did it again, or rather you did it again. You made us great. Or rather our guides did it again. They made us great. Or something like that. We’re not exactly sure what the criteria is or how all this works. We do know that whatever levers were pulled or buttons were pushed must have worked as we have been presented yet again with the […]

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To Inspire and Empower

The idea Redline Guide and Gossamer Gear Ambassador Arlette Laan had was to offer an educational overnight — a backpacking clinic, free, to four qualifying people. We were there to support the event, offering gear if needed, and Gossamer Gear was to outfit the group with packs (which they got to keep) and cover costs. To qualify, hopeful participants had to be ‘true beginners who could […]

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Navigation in the Rain

The bulk of the instruction during our full day Wilderness Navigation course — a.k.a. map and compass — is in the classroom, though we do venture outside for a bit first thing, and again during most of the afternoon. Say, it’s about 60/40ish… depending on the weather, its affect on our sight lines, and our ability to teach triangulation and sighting in the afternoon. We are […]

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Train, Race, Lead

Friday was a training day for one of our guests. He would be attempting to hike the 6288′ Mt Washington two days later. This would be done in the shadow of yet another group we had heading up at the same time. This training, and the following tour, was led by Redline Guide Phoebe Seltzer. The day in-between Phoebe couldn’t guide because she was busy winning […]

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A.T. Finisher, Age 74, Finds Her Bear

Debby’s trailname is “Bear Repellent” because over the decades while trying to section out the Appalachian Trail she had never spotted a bear. Finally, however, in the nick of time we might add, Bear Repellent got to meet a bear named Prince Hairy, a mere three feet from her finish line in Tennessee. We wanted to literally be there to help welcome her to the end […]

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Arlette Did a Thing

Arlette Laan is the First Woman to Hike All 11 of the National Scenic Trails We’re told to believe that a single photo is worth a thousand words. And often that statement is quite true indeed. At other times, however, the opposite statement contains the kernel of truth. Sometimes a photo tells us very little. Sometimes a photo needs a thousand words — or more — […]

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We’re the Travelers’ Choice, 2022

We often thank our guests for choosing Redline Guiding. Now it seems that’s caught on as we just received the 2022 Travelers’ Choice Award from Trip Advisor. It’s thanks to you, our guests, for leaving positive ratings and reviews — for which, you should know, we are extremely grateful — and it’s also thanks to you, our awesome team of guides, for giving our guests something […]

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Guide Spotlight: Mike Maciel

Because inquiring minds want to know this stuff. Because our guides are legends. They’re rock stars. People want to know what they eat for breakfast. What they think and how they feel. They want to know them during the hike as well as after. We decided to pose what we think may be three popular albeit unique questions to Redline Guide Mike Maciel: So, Mike, please […]

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Trail 9 of 11

We can barely keep up with all that our Redline Guides do. Between the trips and adventures they lead, the training they put themselves through, and all that they do on their days off recreating, it’s sometimes a little mind blowing and always impressive, at the very least. This post marks yet another accomplishment. This time it’s Redline Guide Arlette Laan… a.k.a. Apple Pie or just […]

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