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As many past guests know, we are big on custom work, working closely with individuals and private groups, helping folks with specific goals in mind. Often times these focused classes are what we might call one-offs meaning that the course content or specialized instruction, while perfectly tailored for the guest it was meant for, might lack broad appeal. Occasionally, however, these custom courses can be shaped […]

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2021 Rockhopper-Redline WFA

We’re pleased to announce another cooperative effort between ourselves here at Redline Guiding and Rockhopper Races LLC. For those who don’t know Rockhopper Races, they’re the ones bringing professionally-organized mountain racing to the White Mountain National Forest. The owner, Kristina Folcik, has guided for us and remains a friend. So together, we’re back at it again offering a SOLO 2021 Wilderness First Aid course in April, […]

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Three Days of Ice Climbing

We recently upgraded our offerings to include ice climbing — at least an ice climbing intro course for the time being — and the past three days saw Redline Guide Ryan McGuire out there testing the ebb and flow of our new offering and showing a couple of guests some tiring but rewarding type-two fun. What follows is a short video (10:30) put together from footage […]

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Now Offering Mt Baker

We’re pleased to finally announce that a number of 2021 trip dates for Mt Baker (10,781′) in the North Cascades (located in Washington State) are now available for adventurers among us. This is a great next step for some of our guests. Dates range from May to September, and trip durations range from three-days to five — all available with the help of our friends out […]

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Buffs Are Back in Stock

Our popular Sunshields (a brand of Buff) sold out so we ordered some more. Based on demand last year, we have two colors back in stock: red and gray. The red seems to be the most popular. Order yours today with the form below. These one-size-fits-all-teens-to-adults essential articles of clothing can be used in myriad ways by hikers, climbers, skiers, and others, from hat to balaclava, […]

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Backpacking 101

It’s rare we write about our educational classes. In a way, unlike our adventures, there’s little to tell. Aside from our guests, and perhaps our locations, there is little unique about the classes, one seemingly just like the one before it. That said, because this is naturally a slower, shoulder-season time for us, we wanted to at least post a few photos of today’s Camp Craft […]

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Giving Safety as a Gift

Offering one of our gift certificates to someone special has always been a great gift idea. It’s even more so, nowadays, during a time when concerns about the coronavirus are prominent. Today it’s a gift of safety. Think about it: we lead outdoor adventures with a strong emphasis on safety already, where distancing can exist with ease. We also offer educational courses. These are either conducted […]

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Winter Presidential Traverse

To turn a phrase: “The Ryan is Calling and You Must Go.” Meaning Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire really wants to get people stoked for single- and multi-day Northern, Southern, and Classic Presidential Traverses this winter. The “Classic” being Mt Madison through to Mt Pierce. If he has his way, the Post Office will start delivering his mail to Edmand’s Col or the summit of Mt Washington. […]

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More Redline Porter Service

Some will ask: “Can you be our gear Sherpa?” But technically speaking what they mean to ask is: “Can you be our gear porter?” And by this they are effectively requesting that we hike-in their backpacking gear — tent, sleeping bag, pad, cookware, stove/fuel, and food — to a specified location, set it up, then come back and retrieve it after a certain amount time has […]

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Cliff Side Pack Recovery

We have a can-do attitude here at Redline Guiding along with some great versatility and much varied skill sets. Once we have even offered our services as porters (and we’ll be doing this again very soon). So, would pack recovery be something we would be willing to take on? Yes! So the call came in and we answered. Well, wait a minute, actually the message came […]

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Testing a Hybrid Course

The problem in need of a solution is how to best assure nobody contracts the coronavirus — guides or guests — and that we all stay safe while still conducting quasi-normal business operations. Particularly as we start edging into the colder months and want to move indoors to warm up. Thankfully at Redline Guiding we don’t really do much indoors and our outdoor pursuits are usually […]

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Become LNT Aware

The problems with litter have been particularly bad this year for some reason. Local rumor has it drunk day-trippers are leaving behind a bad impression right along with their garbage — refuse ranging from feces to painted bricks. It’s unacceptable. To anyone who hikes or appreciates the forests and mountains, not leaving it a mess is a no-brainer. No littering is obvious. One should leave no […]

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