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Uneven Beginnings

A couple weeks ago — back in the fall — our guides were skiing in the backcountry, sending frozen waterfalls and frosty couloirs, and generally settling into a winter of fun. Until, that is, winter actually hit. From that point came the rains and warm weather and for a while now it seems like what some consider the best season of all was revoked, taken back, […]

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Certifiably Awesome

Or you COULD be DONE! We can save you from Black Friday, or at least help you out through the rest of today. Offering yourself or someone you love the gift of adventure is one awesome solution to your shopping season woes, and we can help. Not only by making gift certificates for our services available, but to offer them at a 10% discount if ordered […]

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MWOBS Overnight Adventure

This event’s sold out — Reach out to be waitlisted Join Us on an Epic Mountain Adventure! Hike/Climb Mt Washington with Redline Guiding. Stay Overnight, Safe and Sound in the Famed Mt Washington Weather Observatory Located on the Summit at the Mt Washington State Park! Extreme weather, mountain adventure, full immersion in the excitement, this trip has it all. We’re stoked to finally offer this very […]

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Taming the Tyrolean Traverse

The Tyrolean traverse utilizes a fixed line over extreme terrain like a steep gorge or a raging, impossible-to-cross river. Using a fixed line a person wearing a climbing harness clips themselves to the rope — along with their pack — and pulls themselves with their gear in tow, hand-over-hand. If done right it isn’t too difficult, scary, or awkward, and it may be aided with another […]

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You Think It, We Carry It

Porterers of dreams. Your imagination coupled with our local knowledge and brute strength can make some pretty cool things happen. Examples might include helping someone enjoy a less-effort backpacking experience, or helping someone avoid carrying a lot of extra weight on particularly technical or worrisome terrain. Expect to hear more about this service in action very soon. Right now, however, we just helped one couple — […]

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Meet the Winter Alpine

A guest recently came to us with a request that fell outside of the set educational programs we offer. For us this is no problem, though, as we are custom outfitters who default to the one-on-one experience. So, when someone wants something very similar to our Hiking Intro course but one not starting at the ground floor, so to speak, and to further have the lesson […]

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Skills for Mountaineering

A large hiking group based out of Rhode Island signed up to learn some basic mountaineering skills with us. And it almost happened exactly as scheduled. But then the weather that we needed wasn’t the weather we had as we were nearing the time of our December class. The idea of a postponement was floated, but it was still wait-and-see. A good call since you know […]

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Now Offering Mt Everest

When we talk about the Hillary Step, we mean THE Hillary Step! A natural progression might look something like this: 1. Conquer Mt Willard, cross the street to 2. Bag Mt Washington, then travel to the other side of the planet to 3. Grab the 29,032′ Mt Everest next. That’s our thinking anyway. It’s more than just thinking, actually, as we already made it up there […]

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Now We Rock

Last year we added a Rock Climbing Intro course to our selection of Educational offerings. We did this with the idea of offering full-on Rock Climbing Adventures the following year. And that is where we’re at right now! Here it is, 2022, one year later, and we’re wicked psyched to finally complete our current lineup of Adventure options with the addition of this latest high-revving offering. […]

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Two-Day Glacier Skills Deal

Do you have plans to climb a big glaciated peak this year? If yes, this special joinable Two-Day Glacier Skills/Crevasse Rescue course is for you. These skills, like many we use in the mountains, are highly perishable. If not put to use regularly, you can lose them. So whether this is your first time or you’re looking for a refresher, you’ll get some terrific instruction from […]

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New Adventures in NH

Taking stock of what we offer, in who we are, and who we serve, we realize we’re brimming with an unlimited source of new adventures right here in New Hampshire. Sure, we offer all the staple activities of the guiding industry, stuff like hiking/snowshoeing, mountaineering, ice climbing, rock climbing, and backcountry skiing, but we also offer so much more. Our guides possess a sense of spirit […]

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Alpine Skills Grow Up

We made an icon, as we do for all our offerings. You can see it inset to the right. It has jagged, pointy little things on it called mountains. This is meaningful as being more than mere art or decoration as it is indicative of where you’re headed after graduating this 5- to 10-day Advanced Alpine Skills program. By design, this new and exciting program is […]

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