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Welcome to our adventures portal where the time to do is now. Here we offer NINE basic adventures categories ranging from a half- to full-day — or much longer in some cases. All of our offerings are tailored to the wants, needs, and abilities of our guests.

Custom-Scheduled ANYTIME Adventures

Hiking IconOur Hiking Adventures are awesome. We offer a wide range of hikes with various objectives from flatland excursions to hiking to the summits of some of the tallest peaks in the Northeast, like Mt Washington as just one of many. Tell us what you want to experience, tell us how you want to life your best life.

Backpack IconOur Backpacking Adventures can get you out there further to enjoy a fuller, more immersive wilderness backpacking experience inaccessible to your typical day hiker. Traverses, woodland loops, or anything in between, just tell us what you’d like to do and we will make it happen. Eat, live, and sleep the experience.

naturetour-iconOur guided Nature Tours are designed to give our guests natural, geologic, and/or historic insights and background about specific areas located within the White Mountain National Forest and its surrounds. The flora, the fauna, and the humans that live in these parts, and the character of the mountains.

Custom-Scheduled THREE-SEASON Adventures

As long as there’s no wet rock, rain, or ice and snow, Rock Climbing is fair game as a go-to sport in the White Mountain National Forest. For those in the know, this area — the Mt Washington Valley, in particular — is a bit of a rock climbing Mecca. Cathedral, Whitehorse, and Humphrey’s Ledges, just for starters.

Three season PLUS in the case of Mountain Trail Running. It’s a lot like hiking, except a lot faster and lighter. A complete adrenaline rush, to say the least. Enjoy it now in the White Mountain National Forest fully guided, letting us deal with the planning and logistics. You can enjoy the wind in your face as the miles are covered.

Custom-Scheduled WINTER Adventures

Add excitement with Mountaineering. We primarily offer trips to locations in the northeast on the Presidential Range, Mt Washington — the tallest peak in the Northeast and “Home to the World’s Worst Weather” (a well deserved title to be sure), on Mt Katahdin in Maine, and other supporting locations as well.

If you’re looking for something to raise your heart rate, for something extreme, our multi-pitch and alpine Ice Climbing may be just the thing for you. This area, the White Mountain National Forest, has some world-recognized ice climbing routes and we’re ready and willing to share them with you.

bcxcski-iconSpeed things up with Backcountry Skiing. Face it, as much fun as snowshoeing is, skiing the backcountry on backcountry-rated Nordic and Alpine Touring gear takes the fun to a whole other level being that much further, and faster. There are so many incredible places to go up here with so many great things to see along the way.

snowshoe-iconFor something less intense, Snowshoe Hikes are fun. We love taking snowshoeing excursions in the amazing forests to be found here in the White Mountains, and we bet you will, too. From easy rail grades to some winter 4000-footers. Pristine, untouched fresh snow, glinting in the sun, lovely yet silent views everywhere you look. Check it out.

Don’t know where to begin? Maybe one of our Educational offerings or Other Services would be more suitable.

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