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Jackson-Webster in “Winter”

When someone asks, what’s the best way to train for hiking, we respond with “hiking.” When someone asks, what’s the best way to train for winter hiking, we respond with “winter hiking,” which, if you didn’t know, comes early in the mountains. So while one may argue it’s still fall so it can’t be winter hiking — and technically they would be correct — tell that […]

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Certifiably Awesome

Or you COULD be DONE! We can save you from Black Friday, or at least help you out through the rest of today. Offering yourself or someone you love the gift of adventure is one awesome solution to your shopping season woes, and we can help. Not only by making gift certificates for our services available, but to offer them at a 10% discount if ordered […]

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With Gratitude

We’re thankful for both our guests and our guides. It is this amazing combination that is magic, and it would never work otherwise. We do not take this for granted and realize we are quite simply, blessed for both — and so much more. Recently we have come to learn (or be reminded) that this thankfulness works in more than one direction. Sure, our guests say […]

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At Liberty to Hike

She had a few mountain peaks under her belt, both 4000-footers and some 52 With a View mountains. What she didn’t have was experience hiking in winter conditions. That is where we came in. It was anything goes in terms of what was up for grabs so Redline Guide Chase Hall offered Mt Liberty (4457′) and the rest is history. Check out this summary from Chase. […]

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Skirting the Knob

Backpack, Shack, and Bushwhack! —Guest Done right, the boredom of winter backpacking will get you long before the cold will. And with good company, the boredom is less of a problem. The darkness comes so early, you see, and once camp chores are done, hitting the hay is the only way to be really comfortable. Conversation remaining possible within the confines of their three-sided Adirondack-style shelter […]

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Freaking Cold Out

Down low in the Mt Washington Valley it was sunny, nice, and in the sun, out of the wind, you could feel it warming you. Barely, but it was there. Get a bump in elevation, though, climb some 4000-footer, even a smaller one like Zealand Mtn (4264′) and, well… you read the title of this blog post, it was “freaking cold out,” adding “easy sub-zero windchill.” […]

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Our Buddies in Group Two

Just like last weekend, we’ve been hanging out with our buddies, our Hiking Buddies, that is. Together, we are making an effort to educate, giving of our time and wisdom. Together we are offering safety through insight and knowledge, leadership, even companionship. Together, we are trying to let SAR volunteers stay home. Like our first group, this weekend’s students were working on earning their three-season Redline […]

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Our Buddies in Group One

Our brains are like sponges and we’re never done learning. —BC The group out there that many of you have heard about — the one called Hiking Buddies — started a thing. Inspired by tragedy, they decided to affect a change — or at least try to. The first order of business: Well, our Buddies don’t solo and the aforementioned tragedy involved a person hiking on […]

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MWOBS Overnight Adventure

Join Us on an Epic Mountain Adventure! Hike/Climb Mt Washington with Redline Guiding. Stay Overnight, Safe and Sound in the Observatory! Extreme weather, mountain adventure, full immersion in the excitement, this trip has it all. We’re stoked to finally offer this very limited event. Stay on the summit of New England’s highest peak, one of the the world’s most gnarly mountains thanks to its extreme weather […]

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We’re Seven Years Old

In dog years we’re just shy of a mature and well-seasoned fifty. In human terms we no longer poop in our pants, which is good as the other second graders would point and laugh at us. Where we are as a company is somewhere in between. The other second graders definitely respect us, and our customers — “guests” as we’ve always called them — seem to […]

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