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Real Forever

From the Foo Fighters song the couple requested, Everlong, this line stands out: “If everything could ever feel this real forever.” We get that. It’s best day of a couple’s lives and it raises that bar pretty high. Without further ado, please enjoy this video of their wedding, made and shared with the couple’s blessings — including the humorous bit where it’s realized that the groom […]

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Midwest Back East

We will often ask a zillion questions, probe and prod, all for the sake of trying to learn the vibe of the day and gain an understanding of the experience through the eyes of our guides and guests. The purpose of which is to capture that vibe in words, photos, and even video sometimes. Other times, however, it’s better and easier to let our guides tell […]

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No Bears in Baxter

Debby “Bear Repellent” Roberts has been working on this thing for thirty years — and us helping for a while — not intentionally setting out to ever do the whole thing, however, as you’ll learn in the video. This is a longish one so make yourself comfortable, but what else could possibly come from a video featuring the Appalachian Trail (AT), right? This segment took place […]

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Black Cap at Dawn

Before the sun and the birds, before the bugs, the dawn provides a fresh canvas on which to paint a new day. One might ask: “What shall we do today?” Hiking is an option. So is getting married. It’s nice out. We may as well do both, such as this mountain wedding atop Black Cap (elv. 2369′). This special event was officiated by Redline Guide and […]

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She Persevered to the End

Sometimes our guests provide us with some insights to how they were feeling at a particular time during their adventure. What thoughts ran into their heads, for example, as they clawed their way up our sometimes-thought-of-as-difficult hiking trails. Sometimes we like to share these thoughts with our readers, with permission from our guests, of course. Willey was number 18 for me, The ladders, well, the only […]

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Zealand Notch Backpack

After meeting at our Basecamp to make sure the Backpacking Ready Packs were all squared away and everyone was set, the team caravanned to the Willey House at the foot of the Kedron Flume Trail and spotted a car. From there they carpooled to the Zealand Trail trailhead to begin their three day, two night backpacking adventure. We will let the video tell the story, but […]

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Glen Ellis Wedding

They considered moving locations, the rain was a terrible threat. They almost opted for a back-up location we suggested — the covered Swift River Bridge in Conway. Almost. Redline Guide and Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim suggested they don’t be too hasty in their decision. His reasoning: “Well,” he said, “There’ll be fewer people in the rain, no bugs, and the falls should be even […]

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Train Station in the Sky

One of the nice things about the 6288′ Mt Washington, despite its crazy weather, is the very infrastructure we love to hate. Cursing right now are the die-hard hikers that, for good reason, feel that planes, trains, and automobiles have no place on the summit of one of their beloved mountains. We won’t argue the point, but we will also play devil’s advocate for a moment. […]

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Second Visit: Sugarloaves

This hike was originally scheduled for a Friday but our guests had requested a last minute change to Tuesday due to the Friday-in-question’s forecast. We were agreeable to this — we always try our best — and our team was likewise willing and able. Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak, for example, despite hiking Mt Washington on Monday (his 89th) and being scheduled for another on Wednesday, agreed […]

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Escape to Sawyer Pond

Some folks live busy, super productive lives. Professionals. Many dwell in urban areas, staying close to the action, enjoying its riches like the neighborhood coffee shop, or the small butcher or purveyor of fruits and vegetables found in the little market located at the end of the block. The ceaseless hum and buzz of cities invades every part of their beings, to the point that it […]

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This is just a short shout out/congratulations to a couple who just renewed their vows after 23 years of marriage. The original plan was to hike up to Black Cap, but the weather was pretty miserable: rainy and cold. The couple wanted to throw in the towel on that location, understandably. But they certainly didn’t want to throw in the towel on the event. Redline Guide […]

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