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Significant Walking

We love sharing some of our guides’ more significant accomplishments. We’d love to write about all of their accomplishments, but it’d simply be too much work so we stick to the significant bits. And that’s why we’re writing here and now. With the accompaniment of her husband, Rich Gambale, Redline Guide Arlette Laan — whom we write about a lot due to all the cool stuff […]

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Winter’s Last Wedding

Unless we are called to officiate a sudden elopement, we just performed a final pre-spring wedding, and like the last, it was atop the 2800′ Mt Willard. Specifically we are referring to the wedding of Jennifer and Karl on Saturday, March 16th, 2019. The mountain-top service was officiated by Redline Guiding owner and New Hampshire Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim, with photographic services offered by […]

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The First Ten Feet

“The first ten feet,” he said, “the view is beautiful, but after that who the [expletive] knows.” These were the words were humorously spoken by a many-time returning guest during his recent training trip up to the summit of the 5384′ Mt Monroe — fourth highest of the 4000-footers of NH. Words like that might speak of beauty but hint at disappointment, but there was no […]

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Opposite Extremes

We had a couple of recent trips where the conditions were far less than favorable, which is an important safety consideration for an exposed peak like that of the 6288′ Mt Washington — top dog of the NH 4000-footers and tallest mountain in the northeast. Being that this mountain is also home to the world’s worst weather, none of these awful winter conditions are much of […]

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Piercing the Storm

While Mike was helping a couple tie the knot on the 2800′ Mt Willard, Redline Guide Ken Hodges was leading one returning guest across the street on an attempt of the 4310′ Mt Pierce — one of New Hampshire’s 48* 4000-footers (*subject to change). If you read that other article, you know the wind was howling. The temperatures weren’t very cold, though, but the windchill greatly […]

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Dual Adventure

Skiing in the backcountry or snowshoeing, either was fine. Whichever, Sarah told us, as long as it was fun for her and her wife, Christy — whose recent birthday was the cause for this celebratory adventure. She didn’t want something too over the top in terms of being adrenaline-inducing. In other words, let’s stick to some “type one” fun that we can enjoy while we’re doing […]

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Sensing the Whites

People who don’t get up-close and personal or tramp upon our mountains — or any mountains, really — will probably lack understanding. Understanding, for instance, that moutain weather is usually temperamental, colder, windier, and can even more dangerous. Or understanding of how it feels to exert oneself step after step for thousands of steps, digging deep within, then reaping the reward of the joy of arrival. […]

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To Hale with Wildcat A…

Or perhaps should we write To Hale, with Wildcat A Added Two Days Later. The 4054′ Mt Hale and 4422′ Wildcat A were but two of the mountains that re-returning guest, Alex, needed for his still-in-progress quest to conquer New Hampshire’s 4000-footers. These were not this weekend’s intended targets, however, but the forecast for high winds and nastiness prompted both Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire and our […]

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Extended Skills Courses

We are wicked happy to announce that effective immediately our very popular Mountaineering Skills and Glacier Skills courses both have extended options now offering even greater potential for learning. Mountaineering Skills Course The Mountaineering Skills Course, which was only available as a half day course is now available as a stand-alone full day course offering greater depth, intensity, repetition, and monitored practice. This is strictly in […]

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