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Taking on the Great Gulf

One of six wilderness areas, the Great Gulf, is stunning. This 5,552 acre tract of land was designated by Congress as public land that should be protected by way of the 1964 Wilderness Act. It stands to reason, the area feels wild, dark, deep, rich, and even a bit mysterious or foreboding — and all while being beautiful at the same time. The Jefferson Brook feeds […]

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Battling the Winds

Some adventures are more of an epic than others. Often times this is directly related to the weather. It stands to reason that the more dangerous and off-the-hook an activity is, the more it is seared into our brains. Not only is the event never forgotten, it often gets better with age. This, of course, might have to do with your definition of fun. This adventure, […]

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There’s no place like it and that is one of its charms. On a recent backpacking trip, Redline Guide Nico Dubois took a couple out of the way for three days and immersed them in the wilderness passing through Zealand Notch. Unfortunately there are only a few photos, but we were able to put together this little keepsake video with images provided by Nico. But first, […]

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Writing Your Wedding

Most officiants will offer scripts for the couple to use as a wedding ceremony so as to provide some structure, clarity, and flow (short/longer). Many couples will opt for this route simplifying their lives and their day. Others, however, will choose to incorporate their own touches, apply special traditions, and add/subtract/modify the basic scripts offered, etc. While others still will want to start from scratch and […]

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Getting Married in NH

If you want to get married, New Hampshire is a great state to choose for your venue. From high mountain ridges to pristine shores, from clean mountain streams to tranquil ponds, and a landscape in between that inspires romance as much as it does adventure. The romance part, of course, is on you to figure out. But we can certainly help guide you on an adventure […]

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Fraternal Twins

It was twin days of hiking, but one day looked nothing like the other. On day one Redline Guide Howard Aronson brought our father-son guests on the Moats as fas as Middle Moat. They turned there to avoid longer traverse. The next day, with less time to spare, and feeling it from the prior day’s efforts, they toned things down a bit exploring Pinkham Notch a […]

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2022 WFA Date Annoucement

We here at Redline Guiding, along with Rockhopper Races LLC, are pleased to announce that we have received our first of four 2022 Wilderness First Aid (WFA) dates from SOLO. Specifically we are now open to registrations for the weekend of February 12th-13th, 2022. This course, as usual, will be held at the AMC’s Joe Dodge Lodge — Pinkham Notch Visitor Center — and CPR/AED training […]

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Handling Huntington

The Huntington Ravine Trail’s reputation coupled with Mt Washington’s reputation as having the world’s worst weather will at times conspire to, at the very least, command respect if not actual fear. That trail is, after all, on the Terrifying 25 list. And for those in the know, it has its puckering moments. But, with some drive and push to overcome fears, it may be handled, as […]

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Classifications of “Fun”

Humans are obsessed with quantification. How many are there? What is the size? How often does it occur? And to what magnitude? To help we have scales for everything: distance, weight, size, duration, intensity, temperature, and so on, and this just scratches the surface. From Fahrenheit to Richter, many have contributed to this madness. And that’s what we hope to do. We’re here to quantify outdoor […]

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North Kinsman was Next

On lead with another oft-returning guest was Redline Guide Pat Ferland on the 4293′ North Kinsman — one of the New Hampshire 4000-footers. This mountain was number 19 out of 48 for our guest. Time constraints dictated this mountain over their original objective for the day, Mt Cabot. So slim were the constraints that South Kinsman was taken off the table, unfortunately. Next time! Good lead, […]

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Just as Strong, Just as Long

The title “Just as Strong, Just as Long” is a quote offered by the groom’s mother based on the significant longevity of her and her husband’s — and father of the groom — marriage. We certainly hope it holds true and we wish them the best of success in their future together as husband and wife. The couple, William and Courtney, were married at Fall’s Pond […]

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Carrigain for Number 37

One of our longtime returning guests, another peakbagger working on her New Hampshire 4000-footers, hiked up and back and got the 4700′ Mt Carrigain crossed off the list for number 37/48. On lead for the trip was new Redline Guide Michael Scire (yep, another Mike). This was Mike’s second trip with us having led an Owl’s Head hike just this past weekend. We didn’t write a […]

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