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Rain, Rain, Go… Well, Okay

We’re an all-weather crowd, willing to pretty much hike in anything. And that’s good because while the lower elevations saw clouds slowly and eventually being vaporized by the sun, the higher elevations saw pretty much steady rain for most of the day. And this was the case for a hike up Mt Pierce (4310′) — a NH 4000-footer — led by Redline Guide Ken Hodges. So […]

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Trial by Fire

We knew this trip was going to be a unique one when we were contacted by someone with the title of “Elite Lifestyle Manager” looking for assistance setting up an adventure for his client: a New York business man with his teenage son. And it was, from the level of detail to the execution, it certainly offered some variety. It began with a handful of teleconferenced […]

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Caps Ridge, Fully Tested

The complexities of being safe in the time of coronavirus challenge us, but the more we do, the more varied the operations, the better we are able to properly comprehend the disease and manage its always possible presence. Thus, leading a quasi-technical hike with full rental gear — our Ready Packs — was the perfect next step up for us. And as such we learned a […]

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Co-Independence Day

It was clear to anyone looking out their window early that morning that this Independence Day was going to be spectacular. First of all, on tap for the day was a mountain wedding. Second, the weather forecast for the New Hampshire higher summits was looking really good. It was calling for cool temperatures in the fifties with partly sunny skies. Sure, there was a chance of […]

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Tough but Rewarding Loop

Upon finishing this endeavor, he exclaimed: “It was one of the most physically demanding, if not the most physically demanding hikes I’ve ever been on.” By “it” he was referring to the classic Franconia Ridge loop following a series of trails to include Falling Waters, the Franconia Ridge Trail itself — covering four peaks, two of which are official 4000-footers — Greenleaf Trail, and Old Bridle […]

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Black Bear Wedding

Mike walked through the venue’s front door, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, face mask on, along with his trademark Buff, and approached the front counter. The receptionist eyed him suspiciously. “May I help you?” he asked. Mike replied he was here for the wedding, serving as Justice of the Peace. They requested he sign in, complete with a COVID19 questionnaire, and he did, but only after […]

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Testing a Course

We realize that while most of our adventures and weddings are going to offer up the a pretty specific set of challenges to us as it relates to COVID19, our educational offerings, being even more diverse, will probably be our most challenging aspect yet. Granted, we have it so easy compared to some businesses, but we also take the safety of us and our guests very, […]

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Testing Backpacking 1-2-3

[…] the trip was a success. Everyone felt safe […] Check check, testing, are we ready to go live? The hike test went well enough, it wasn’t technical so that simplifies matters, a lot, but it made us think as well. And knowing this it was time to up our game and try to test out a backpacking experience next. Could we stay distanced? Would masks […]

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Trying a Test Hike

We met outdoors and kept a good distance — at least six feet. So if either of us had viral matter to give to the other, we weren’t going to make it an easy exchange. We said hello then we whipped out a… what is that? A gun?! A blowdryer? Oh, it’s just a touch-less thermometer. We grabbed our guest’s temperature with their permission. This was […]

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Five Reasons for Rescue

The mountains are inviting to many people. “They call to me,” many will say. They are beautiful from afar — a majestic backdrop to any scene. And for those able, they’re even more stunning up close. To be on and among them, of course, is the ultimate way to get to know them, and to many this experience is quite sublime. Or “amazing,” “breathtaking,” even “otherworldly,” […]

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A Spring of 2020 Wedding

We decided we didn’t want to associate the title of this post with anything even remotely negative, but let’s face it, by “spring of 2020” we mean during the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when the nation is trying to re-open, all while tensions from racial inequality reach a boiling point and the world is rising in protest. This is what is going on in the […]

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