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Crushing NE Peaks

Some of our guests rarely hike, really venturing quite far beyond their daily norms when they hike a mountain with us. Especially one like our grandest 4000-footer: the 6288-foot Mt Washington. Other guests, however, are strong hikers in of themselves. That was certainly the case on this most recent trip according to Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak. Our recent guest, from Oklahoma, was a very strong hiker, […]

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Mt Washington FAQs

Mount Washington, elv. 6288′ (1917m), located in the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF a.k.a. “The Whites”) in New Hampshire, is the crowing jewel of the Northeast. It is noted for being the tallest mountain in that region, and it’s the most prominent peak east of the Mississippi River. Mt Washington is also one of the state’s “4000-Footers” topping that list, of course. Many activities occur on […]

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Team in Training Hike

This past weekend we provided leadership to an important Team In Training event raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). We found ourselves doing this thanks to North Ridge Mountain Guides (NRMG) who sought us out for leadership assistance. (Mike and the owner there, Jamie, used to guide together and are friends.) The leadership provided came from Redline Guides Ken Hodges, Jeffrey Shutak, and […]

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Mt Washington’s Weather

While writing an article yet to be published on another website, the topic of Mt Washington’s weather crept in — fast and unannounced like the weather up there on the exposed 6288 foot (1917 m) summit itself. In an effort to be concise, we initially wrote something along the lines of this: Three major weather systems converge over its peak and being that it’s the second […]

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Undercast Blessing

The clouds formed a sea of white all around and below us. It was as if the 6288′ (1917m) Mount Washington summit on which we stood was an island. The thick clouds all around us figuratively lapping at our shores like water. Peering outward from our place a few islands were visible. 4000-footers like Carter Dome and Mount Lafayette rose above the clouds. The phenomenon described, […]

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Late Season Training

While most the people visiting the White Mountain National Forest could spot patches of snow on the distant mountains over this Memorial Day weekend, very few of them set foot on them. Most, probably — aside from the backcountry and slackcountry skiers — couldn’t care less about the snow wanting nothing to do with the white stuff until next Christmas. Not even the hikers who have […]

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This Location

This location is Hart’s Location. It is situated at the northwestern corner of Carroll County. Where three counties — Carroll, Coös, and Grafton — collide. There, at the very extreme, rests an elephant. He hides unsuccessfully in the trees. We see him and recognize his features coming from the north. His head is prominent and distinctive by its shape. You can’t miss it. It’s Elephant Head. […]

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Summer Hiking Pack

During the latter part of the spring season and through most of the fall — meaning the time of year when the vast majority of hikers are hitting the trails — a “three-season” or “summer” hiking pack will be used. This said, we’re reluctant to use the term “three-season” because a true “three-season” pack needs to include winter hiking essentials such as heavy layers, traction devices […]

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Toughest Hike, Ever

When Redline Guide Ken Hodges reported that this hike was the toughest he had ever done, our hearts immediately went out to both he and our guest. We empathized with them all day starting that morning knowing they were setting out to do what is already respected as one of the tougher bushwhacks in the state — Scar Ridge (one of the New England Hundred Highest) […]

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Direttissima Honeymoon

What do hikers and climbers do to celebrate their wedding? Well, the latest couple we married won’t be caught lounging on some cruise ship, they plan to begin a 14-day Direttissima. For those unfamiliar with that term it means, translated from Italian, “the most direct way.” To climbers this means straight up the shortest route to the top (which will be the steepest). In hiker terms, […]

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