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Mountain-Top Wedding

Mountain-Top Wedding – Photo by Corey Fitzgerald

Imagine this: the sun is starting to peek above the horizon, a gentle breeze blows, it’s dry, comfortable, the temperature’s perfect, the right amount of cloud to make the sunrise extra special, and there you are staring into the eyes of your soon-to-be life partner. The vows. The promise. The Justice invites you to seal the deal with a kiss. It happens and it’s beyond words. Is this the mountain-top or wilderness wedding of your dreams? It was ours, atop Kearsarge North in Intervale NH on June 1st, 2016. And now it can be yours, too. We can’t control the weather, but everything else is within our grasps. It’s unique. It’s special. It’s beyond words.

NH JP Certificate

Prices begin at $225 for a basic albeit incredibly beautiful, special, and highly memorable marriage ceremony at locations that are fairly easy to hike to and will go up from there — though not too much. Variables include specific location, time-of-day, hike distance, difficulty of terrain, time-of-year, and other contributing factors such as third-party charges or transportation, where applicable, and if you choose to be guided to some special place. This initial pricing includes a pre-meeting (strongly recommended) and we can also go over the ceremony then… an informal rehearsal of sorts. If you want a separate formal rehearsal, that may be extra (starts at $75). To get started, please complete the form below and we’ll take it from there. If you want to be guided, please fill out our booking form, too. Too many questions too quickly? Don’t worry, we respect your privacy. If it makes you feel better, however, do feel free to just contact us. We are here to help you make it happen.

Mike Cherim is a Justice of the Peace in the State of New Hampshire. His commission expires July 13th, 2021. See certificate to the left. See Mike Cherim JP on Facebook. Vows renewals also performed.

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Mt Willard wedding during a blizzard.

Elopement in progress. Photo courtesy of Sarah V.

A rainy day wedding makes the knot permanent.

Nuptials on Mt Washington… as seen on TV (NHPBS Windows to the Wild).

Saying “I do” on the top of the Elephant’s Head.

Blessed with a beautiful day at the AMC’s Highland Center. Photo by Lenka Flaherty.

The newlyweds. Been married a minute or so. 🙂

Taking in the moment. We understand.


From Huntington Ravine on Mt Washington.

To the Mt Washington Hotel.

They did.

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