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Birthday Surprise

Perhaps shock and awe might fit better than “surprise.” Between the “steeps” and that gnarly Mt Washington weather, our guest felt alive to say the least. This was a private two-day Winter Mt Washington program complete with a day of training followed by an exciting mountaineering experience worth noting. The alpine reward as many know, is sublime. As Redline Guide Mike Maciel put it when we asked if our guest had a good time: “Yeah I think he did. He said ‘going up above treeline was one of the best moments of his life.'” Love that!

He was only 17 on his training day, the following day he began the first day of his adult life taking on the most badass mountain in New Hampshire. They didn’t summit stopping just short of Lion Head — pretty dangerous up there as it was — but that it’s integral to hiking and climbing so it comes with the territory. That is why we are reminded that the mountain will be there another day.

I think if nothing else, he learned the most important lesson: that no matter how much we sometimes may want to impose our will on the mountains, summiting will always be optional and getting back safely is what’s mandatory. —Mike M. (Paraphrasing Ed Veisturs)


Day One: The Skills Training Day

Day Two: Putting it All Together on Mountain

Great job, team, both guide and guest. Thank you for spending your first day with us and, well… Happy Birthday!

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