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Real Forever

From the Foo Fighters song the couple requested, Everlong, this line stands out: “If everything could ever feel this real forever.” We get that. It’s best day of a couple’s lives and it raises that bar pretty high. Without further ado, please enjoy this video of their wedding, made and shared with the couple’s blessings — including the humorous bit where it’s realized that the groom […]

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Black Cap at Dawn

Before the sun and the birds, before the bugs, the dawn provides a fresh canvas on which to paint a new day. One might ask: “What shall we do today?” Hiking is an option. So is getting married. It’s nice out. We may as well do both, such as this mountain wedding atop Black Cap (elv. 2369′). This special event was officiated by Redline Guide and […]

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Glen Ellis Wedding

They considered moving locations, the rain was a terrible threat. They almost opted for a back-up location we suggested — the covered Swift River Bridge in Conway. Almost. Redline Guide and Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim suggested they don’t be too hasty in their decision. His reasoning: “Well,” he said, “There’ll be fewer people in the rain, no bugs, and the falls should be even […]

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This is just a short shout out/congratulations to a couple who just renewed their vows after 23 years of marriage. The original plan was to hike up to Black Cap, but the weather was pretty miserable: rainy and cold. The couple wanted to throw in the towel on that location, understandably. But they certainly didn’t want to throw in the towel on the event. Redline Guide […]

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Mountain to Valley

Expressive of a range, on June 26th, 2021, two couples were married in these juxtaposed places. Our Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim officiating both weddings, first married one couple atop Mt Washington, then a few hours later, and a few miles down the road, made the same connection with another couple in Waterville Valley beating out the rain. What follows are a few photos from […]

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To Aid and Abet

The couple stood before our Justice of the Peace, Mike Cherim, at a site they selected, Ripley Falls in Crawford Notch, ready to be married. Nobody was around because it was still early. Smart. The sounds of the thinning waters falling with a smack then cascading over the huge face of rock in the background were clearly audible. Otherwise it was quiet, still cool and bug-free, […]

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Juxtaposed Wedding

Word of mouth is how Redline Guide and NH Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim got this particular wedding assignment — all the way down yonder in Auburn, NH. He married another couple, friends of this couple, and they liked Mike’s style, so to speak. He seemed so relaxed, confident, and happy. Positive vibes to spare. A lot of people ask Mike to marry them for […]

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What’s Two More Hours?

What’s two more hours is what the groom said to their officiant, our very own Redline Guide and New Hampshire Justice of the Peace, Mike Cherim: “What’s two more hours?” he asked, though it was a rhetorical question. The couple, Don and Donna, had waited twenty years for this day, so adding two more hours wasn’t going to be an event-crushing episode for them. The couple […]

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Wedding on Webster

Some mountains, like Mt Webster (3910′), require a little more effort to get to than others. Mt Willard across the street, for example, is easy by comparison. This brings into question the value of such effort. In other words, is the effort required to hike up taller mountains worth the extra everything that will be required? We think, yes. This hike-to wedding on Mt Webster (via […]

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Wentworth Wedding

The wedding of Eric and Heather involved two days. The first was on May 14th, to do a self-organized rehearsal — which can sometimes be a really good idea if there are several moving parts and more people are involved. The second day, by far the most special of the two, being May 15th, was the day of their wedding service. Coincidentally it also happened to […]

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The Sabbaday Snow Globe

First time that venue was chosen — Sabbaday Falls, just off the Kanc — the Florida couple asked for a nice coating of fresh snow. It had been a terrible year for snow, everything was brown, and it was very unlikely their request would be filled, but they absolutely got their wish. It was like a miracle. Several inches of fresh powder colored their wonderful white […]

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