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Winter Wildcat Wedding

Dave and Karissa — Married March 3rd, 2021 A ski wedding… what a great idea! Due to some of their guests not having access to the summit, however, the couple chose a secluded spot in the woods above Wildcat Ski Area’s C-Lot for the actual ceremony. So, for the bride and groom, their day went something this: go skiing, stop to get married, then tailgate with […]

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Wedding Weather

We always ask if we are allowed to take photos and/or video. Some folks prefer private events. Some don’t care one way or the other. Others still relish the blog posts we usually make. It’s always up to the couple. In this video Redline Guiding owner and NH Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim presides over the wedding of an awesome couple at the Crawford Depot […]

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Another Saco Lake Wedding

We mentioned Saco Lake as a venue having good wedding potential, particularly for the photographer, several times. With the upper outlook providing an opportunity to get the bird’s eye view of the wedding and, to the truly inspired, a possible in-lake view would also be cool — either using waders or a small craft like a kayak or canoe. For a while we have believed this, […]

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Wayside Shotgun Wedding

We’re going to leave you guessing about the “shotgun wedding” part of this post’s title — that particular nugget is just for the bride and groom — but we will gladly offer explanation of the “wayside” part of it. The wayside at which this lovely couple held their lightly western-themed wedding, is located way up in Colebrook NH. Specifically it’s the Beaver Brook Falls State Wayside. […]

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A Saco Lake Wedding

The plan was to meet in front of the Crawford Train Depot then hike up Mt Willard and perform the service there. Problem was the weather was so horrible in the parking lot — wind driven snow screaming past us sideways — that they couldn’t even fathom the idea of hiking up into it further. What they needed, actually, was protection from the gusts tearing through […]

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One Year Later…

A year ago a New Hampshire couple decided to get married, the groom proposing to the bride on a snowy Artists Bluff situated as a prominence on Bald Mountain (2340′) located the northern terminus of Franconia Notch. Despite highway noises from I-93 running through the notch, and the potential for crowds, it is a stunning location with impressive views. Though do take note, however, in that […]

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Guides Do Marry

It’s happened before. One minute they’re guiding, living a bachelor’s dream life out of their van, the next minute they getting swept off their feet. It stands to reason, though, when you have a sharp looking crew like our team of guides. This time at the altar was Redline Guide Álvaro Marques, and with him his lovely now-wife, Suzy. Like many couples this year, 2020 has […]

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Cardigan Mountain Swedding

We called mother nature (even though normally nature calls us) and the conversation went like this: “Hi, we’d like to order up an amazing 60- to 70-degree day topped off by a jaw-dropping sunset.” We added: “For a wedding.” Nature replied: “Sure, when would you like this, and do you want rain with that?” “November 7th, 2020,” we replied, “and, um, NO on the rain.” There […]

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One South, One North

October 24th added at least three more couples to the roster of those who count themselves among the married folk. One of those three couples was seen on the way to one of our weddings. Purely coincidental — we just had to mention it. The other two weddings we officiated. Or, rather, our Justice of the Peace (JP), Mike Cherim did. Here are a few details… […]

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Wedding at Falls Pond

Just behind and north of the Rocky Gorge Scenic Area off the Kancamaugus Highway (Rte 112, a.k.a. The Kanc), is Falls Pond. It’s highly accessible — to moose as we have seen in the past, as well as people — yet, many who visit this treasured site never actually find and view this gem because they simply don’t explore far enough. Content with this Swift River […]

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