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Three Weddings, One Day

We have had two weddings scheduled for the same day before. This has happened more than once and we have others scheduled presently. We’ve never had more than that, though, not until August 9th, 2019, that is. On this day of love we officiated three weddings. Two were on the books for a while, and the last one literally came in the day before. The bride […]

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Little Haystack Wedding

There are many, many choices when it comes to possible mountain wedding venues here in New Hampshire: the 48 4000-footers and the 52 With A View to start with. Some are expected, the go-tos because of their popularity or their accessibility, or both, but others not so much. This wedding was one of the others: the 4760′ Little Haystack Mountain on Franconia Ridge. Many pass there, […]

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Wedding on Loon

We knew it the day before at the hot and humid rehearsal that the wedding day was going to be likewise hot and humid, even atop the 3065-foot Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH (the “Exit 32”). The United States, the entire globe actually, was in the grip of a significant heat wave. Wedding guests from Massachusetts informed Redline Guide, owner, and Justice of the Peace, Mike […]

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Cannon Mountain Wedding

I can feel it, much like the wind, this blows me away. Cannon Mountain (elv. 4100′) is a New Hampshire “4000-footer” so it’s popular with hikers. It’s also a famed ski area so skiers likewise appreciate it. Do you know who else likes it? If you guessed young couples in love, you’d be right. They dig it because they can get married up there in the […]

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Undercast Blessing

The clouds formed a sea of white all around and below us. It was as if the 6288′ (1917m) Mount Washington summit on which we stood was an island. The thick clouds all around us figuratively lapping at our shores like water. Peering outward from our place a few islands were visible. 4000-footers like Carter Dome and Mount Lafayette rose above the clouds. The phenomenon described, […]

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This Location

This location is Hart’s Location. It is situated at the northwestern corner of Carroll County. Where three counties — Carroll, Coös, and Grafton — collide. There, at the very extreme, rests an elephant. He hides unsuccessfully in the trees. We see him and recognize his features coming from the north. His head is prominent and distinctive by its shape. You can’t miss it. It’s Elephant Head. […]

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Direttissima Honeymoon

What do hikers and climbers do to celebrate their wedding? Well, the latest couple we married won’t be caught lounging on some cruise ship, they plan to begin a 14-day Direttissima. For those unfamiliar with that term it means, translated from Italian, “the most direct way.” To climbers this means straight up the shortest route to the top (which will be the steepest). In hiker terms, […]

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To Great Lengths

The elephant remembers well the last wedding atop his head. Remembering is what elephants do, after all. The last wedding brought Arctic breezes, recalls the elephant, but he also remembers the warm spirits, the laughs, and the love. This wedding wasn’t bitter cold or exceptionally windy. This time the elephant, however, stood stoically in a cold, penetrating March rain. And like the last, he again remembers […]

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Winter’s Last Wedding

Unless we are called to officiate a sudden elopement, we just performed a final pre-spring wedding, and like the last, it was atop the 2800′ Mt Willard. Specifically we are referring to the wedding of Jennifer and Karl on Saturday, March 16th, 2019. The mountain-top service was officiated by Redline Guiding owner and New Hampshire Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim, with photographic services offered by […]

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Weddings to the Wild

The producers of PBS’s Windows to the Wild with Willem Lange reached out many months ago asking if we wanted to help them with a segment about a mountain top wedding. First they wanted to know if we knew of a bride and groom scheduled for a summit wedding who might be willing to share their day with literally anyone and everyone tuning into the program. […]

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Extreme Snowmobile Wedding

A snowmobile wedding is what they wanted, and being that Redline Guide and Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim used to ride and once owned his own snow machine, a snowmobile wedding is what they got. Since Mike is no longer a snowmobile owner, however, and our guests didn’t have machines of their own either, they enlisted the help of Northern Extremes in Bartlett, NH, to […]

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