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Classy at Cathedral

The location for this mountain wedding — a Whitehorse Ledge-facing slab of rock on Cathedral Ledge’s south end in North Conway, NH — was perfect. The weather was simply glorious, there was very little breeze, and the sun was chasing the horizon casting soft light onto the scene. The temperature was just right. Cold enough to allow everyone to dress formally yet warm enough for everyone’s […]

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Tip-Top Wedding

For this wedding the bride and groom were going to arrive by way of the Cog Railroad, but our wedding officiant — Redline Guide Mike Cherim — took the Auto Road just to better ensure safety for all during these times. Plus he wouldn’t have to descend so soon after the ceremony. No schedule to follow. Hmm. The summit would get very busy, but they were […]

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Three Times the Love

We officiated three weddings in a day last year, and now this year we’ve done it again hitching three couple in a single glorious-weather day — with yet another triple header scheduled for October. With so many couples getting married it’s hard to keep up, but here we will try, again combining these happy events into a single post. Before we show the photos, we do […]

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Twin Wedding Thursday

With two weddings in one day, we find it’s logical to combine them — or at least combine the posts about them. One wedding was held at the Eagle Mountain House in Jackson, NH. The other, just two hours later, was held atop Cathedral Ledge in North Conway. The weather was nice for both, much better than the rain the day before. Though it felt warmer; […]

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Wonderfully Windy Wedding

It seemed at first that things were not going as planned. Something to do with a hairdresser to initially send things in the wrong direction. Then the planned venue — Cathedral Ledge in North Conway — denied access for the wedding because of the high winds. The manager of the State Park was worried the arbor, flowers, and other elements might blow off the cliff possibly […]

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Shoe Help… Forever

You will see a theme among many of these photos. In many of the scenes you will notice a man, the groom, helping a woman, the bride, deal with her footwear. Not just once, but you’ll see this recur four times throughout this short time together. Why is this so significant? Well, it did strike us as quite humorous, we have to admit. All parties indeed […]

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Artists Bluff Wedding

We’ve officiated a lot of weddings, and performed services in myriad locations, but this easy-to-get-to-depending-on-who-you-ask location in Franconia Notch was a first for us. It’s not a private location, but most people turn up their respect-o-meters when they see a wedding in progress. It is a pretty location offering a stunning view of Echo Lake, Cannon Mountain, and the long view of the notch itself. It’s […]

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She Went With Jared

Different spelling and with a twist, but we had go there when choosing a title for this happy post. A couple came to us looking for an accessible wedding location. Our Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim made several suggestions, one of which was Cathedral Ledge. Only one problem: it’s closed to vehicular traffic and the bride and groom and their families certainly didn’t want to […]

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A Mud Pond Wedding

“Redlining” the White Mountain Guide — meaning to hike all of the trails described in said tome — has offered the valued gift of insight. Insight to the trails, where they go, and what they’re like. This insight led to a wedding venue suggestion located on the obscure your-GPS-can’t-help-you-now side of the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson, New Hampshire. Specifically, there one will find short sixth-tenths […]

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Co-Independence Day

It was clear to anyone looking out their window early that morning that this Independence Day was going to be spectacular. First of all, on tap for the day was a mountain wedding. Second, the weather forecast for the New Hampshire higher summits was looking really good. It was calling for cool temperatures in the fifties with partly sunny skies. Sure, there was a chance of […]

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Black Bear Wedding

Mike walked through the venue’s front door, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, face mask on, along with his trademark Buff, and approached the front counter. The receptionist eyed him suspiciously. “May I help you?” he asked. Mike replied he was here for the wedding, serving as Justice of the Peace. They requested he sign in, complete with a COVID19 questionnaire, and he did, but only after […]

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