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Snowmobile Wedding

This isn’t our first time to this particular rodeo, and we’ll gladly do it again. The last snowmobile wedding Redline Guide and JP Mike Cherim officiated was off of Bear Notch Road. It was fun and this one was, too. What a terrific way to travel through the snow. This couple had their eye on Black Cap Mountain using some local trails and Hurricane Mountain Road […]

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Triple Wedding Weekend

Want to do it right without spending eight million dollars? You know, when you get married. We can answer that call and offer a mountain venue. It’s less, but even more impactful than that same old, same old — at least to those who appreciate that which surrounds them. Trees, sky, water, earth, and all that nature stuff. That’s what these three couples did. They chose […]

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Navigating Three Weddings

Navigating three weddings then adding navigation — to be precise. That’s what was in store for Redline Guide, and this weekend mostly JP, Mike Cherim. A Labor Day weekend of labor, though all truly a labor of love. Mike officiated two weddings Saturday, one at Saco Lake, the birthplace of the Saco River, and the other at Indian Head Resort in Lincoln. This act was followed […]

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Playing Catch-Up

More will post in the morning, and some have already been published. We’ve been a little busy and we’re playing catch-up. Redline Guides Mike Cherim and Ken Hodges were teaching a two-day Wilderness Navigation course, for example. Then there was the history- and geology-focused Nature Tour Mike led in Crawford Notch (done mostly in his Jeep since it was pouring buckets). This was all while Ken […]

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The Wedding Cathedral

Cathedral Ledge, co-located in both North Conway and Bartlett, NH — depending on where you’re standing (or hanging on for dear life) — is the site of many weddings. It’s very popular and sometimes crowded but if you get there in the early morning hours hardly anyone is around. This couple, Eduardo and Khrystine, took advantage of that fact and showed up early for their August […]

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Foggy Mountain Wedding

It was as if a white veil was dropped over us as we reached the “Cow Pasture” located next to the Mt Washington Auto Road, which bisects this flat area. This is all happening not terribly far from the 6288-foot summit, and that was our goal. The original plan, to be specific, was to hike down to Lakes of the Clouds from said summit and tie […]

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Another Loon Mtn Wedding

First we want to congratulate our couple on their beautiful June 10th Wedding. We know there were concerns about the weather, the wind, the clouds, the rain, and the thunderstorms. All of it, we knew, was a possibility. And all of it, as it were, amounted to nothing more than a possibility. As it were, we all enjoyed sun and clouds and breezes enough to keep […]

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Echo Lake Wedding

The couple hoped for a May 23rd, 2023 Rim Trail wedding on Cannon Mountain, but the tram hadn’t been opened yet so they asked us to think of some other spots, noting Echo Lake. This was probably for the best. Up there the wind would have been howling and we would have froze. Redline Guide and in-house wedding photographer Mike Maciel even went on an advanced […]

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Springing into Action

Not your typical spring Monday. While Redline Guide Ken Hodges was teaching one student Digital Navigation — sending her husband photos of the locations she tracked — and while Redline Guide and NH JP Mike Cherim was officiating a wedding way up in Dummer, NH, Redline Guide Pat Ferland was giving the first Rock Climbing Intro course of the season. For more on the rock intro, […]

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Foss Mountain Wedding

The couple penned their own wedding ceremony — a cool option — basing their script on what we refer to as our “custom vows” (*.docx). In their version they spoke of hardships and struggles, obstacles and issues, getting to where they were was apparently no small feat. In said script they also spoke of literally walking through dust and ash. Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim […]

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Wedding at the Omni

For those looking for something so incredibly civilized it’s absolutely wild, a wedding at the Omni Mount Washington Resort might just meet the requirement. What follows are a couple of scenes from a wedding in said location officiated by Redline Guide and JP, Mike Cherim. This wedding was designated private so the scenery is all we can offer but we did offer our video and photographic […]

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Mid March Madness

We mean a madness of the the best kind possible… This ended up being another one of those crazy weekends that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to cover each individual activity properly so we end up consolidating the lot in a post like this. That’s the case today, with exception to one activity, an ice climbing intro course, here’s the other stuff that […]

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