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Springy Fall Wedding

New Hampshire can be a confusing state. One morning we wake up to a beautifully frosty fall morning, that crispness in the air, clear blue skies, and a riot of color presented by the foliage. And no bugs! Then the next morning we wake up to sun and warmth, downright balmy weather, complete with an insect hatch of some sort of midges or something. Granted, it’s […]

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Glen Ellis Falls Wedding

It’s not the first time we’ve had a wedding at Glen Ellis Falls, but we think the foliage this time was completely out of control. And we mean that in the best way possible. The scene was an absolute riot of color — dazzling reds, oranges, and yellows brilliant in the sunshine amid the greens. The skies so blue offering a nice backdrop to it all. […]

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Marry Us… Now

The call came in this morning, much like they often do. This one from the groom. “My fiancĂ© and I want to get married and were wondering if you’re available,” he asked. “Yes. Maybe. When are you thinking?” we asked in reply, breaking out the calendar as we spoke. “Now!” said the groom. We looked out the window, the rain coming down and asked where they […]

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Forever Flannel

The title will have meaning to the couple, since the rehearsal was held on what they deemed “Flannel Friday” — the day before their Saturday wedding. And during the Friday rehearsal, flannel was indeed all the rage. Redline Guide and Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim didn’t get the memo on this, however, but almost grabbed a flannel shirt out of his closet before heading over […]

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Laughing All The Way

A marriage ceremony is a solemn event, a serious thing… so please refrain from laughter. Unless, that is, you’re the bride and groom who even on your wedding day spark lively with your irreverence. To you, dear couple, you may carry on. For you, dear couple, you will be unstoppable. That’s what we saw at Frank and Jennifer’s wedding atop Square Ledge in Pinkham’s Grant (Pinkham […]

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Cathedral Ledge Wedding

The sky began to get lighter in the east, then colors started to reveal themselves as the low sun crept closer to the horizon forcing its brilliance through our atmosphere. This created an otherworldly, Martian-like alpenglow. Before long the sun rose over Hurricane Mountain and kissed the ledge with its sunlight. It was stunningly beautiful — shaping up to be a fantastic day. A great one […]

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South Twin Wedding

Although she’s a dedicated hiker in the Whites, the bride-to-be had never hiked either of the Twins, but the groom had and thought of South Twin Mountain — at least so far — as his favorite 4000-footer in New Hampshire. We added “at least so far” because he has six mountains still to go. That said, now that he and his bride have married atop the […]

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Middle Sugarloaf Marriage

It was inevitable. We knew that eventually we’d have a couple pick one of the Sugarloaves for their mountain wedding ceremony. It’s a terrific sunrise option, if nature offers up a sunrise, that is. In any case, there are numerous grand vistas in most directions on these well-loved 52WAV peaks. The sunrise on Middle Sugarloaf was less than spectacular on this particular morning. But that’s okay, […]

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Weekend of Nuptials

We didn’t mention it previously in our last blog post, but while Redline Guide Ken Hodges was up there on the Rock Pile leading in Huntington Ravine, Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire was also up there doing some recreational rock climbing elsewhere in the same ravine. To be specific, he was leading trad on Henderson Ridge. And that’s not all, Redline Guide, owner, and NH Justice of […]

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Three Weddings, One Day

We have had two weddings scheduled for the same day before. This has happened more than once and we have others scheduled presently. We’ve never had more than that, though, not until August 9th, 2019, that is. On this day of love we officiated three weddings. Two were on the books for a while, and the last one literally came in the day before. The bride […]

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Little Haystack Wedding

There are many, many choices when it comes to possible mountain wedding venues here in New Hampshire: the 48 4000-footers and the 52 With A View to start with. Some are expected, the go-tos because of their popularity or their accessibility, or both, but others not so much. This wedding was one of the others: the 4760′ Little Haystack Mountain on Franconia Ridge. Many pass there, […]

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