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Laps, Technique, and Fun

It is these items — “do some laps, learn some technique, and have some fun” — that our guests wanted from their adventure time ice climbing with us. They wanted to do some top-roping in an ever increasing arc starting out easy and the other end of the arc locating their limits, those at present, anyway. Sounds like a doable thing, right? Redline Guide Glenn Van Neil saw to it they got their wish. They loved the day going from spot to spot in Crawford Notch, moving in part just to stay warm. The day culminated in a little mixed climbing. Limits found? Our guests were pretty concerned but… well, here, we’ll let Glenn tell it.

Laps aren’t always easy! Forecast was for mid 20s, but it felt like single digits. Meet at the parking lot, hike in, chit chat along the way. Convince ourselves that the wind won’t be hitting us at the base of our climb. We weren’t wrong, but we weren’t right either…
Only way to stay warm is to climb more laps right? And they have to get progressively harder right?
First lap was pretty straight forward, up the ramp over the bulges and then lower back to the ground. Great foot work all around and we were cruising. They made it look easy multiple times.
Challenge accepted, moved the line over so it hangs directly down a vertical pillar. Ah, now it’s harder. Work on the feet a little, remind ourselves to get a good stance and then rest those hands, shake them out in preparation for the next swing. Hard climbing it seemed but then again up we go, making it look easy!
Move that line again, now it’s over-hanging icicles and some mixed climbing. “No way,” they said, “this is too much.” Then up they went. Delicate moves on thin ice, axe picks cammed in the smallest crack, crampons follow. Good feet, with hands shaking out not because it looks good but because it’s necessary! Success and euphoria at the top!
I’m DONE,” was the announcement from our guests. “I’m finishing on a high note!
Great fun climbing, followed by a review and demonstration of good anchors for use while top roping. What’s not to like? And, wow, these ladies can climb! —Glenn

Sounds perfect and these photos, from guide and guests, don’t hide this fact. What a day!

Great way to deliver the goods, Glenn, and to our guests, thanks for looking to Redline Guiding for help testing your limits!

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