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The Best of 2016

To everyone who has generously shown their support to us as our wheels started turning two-thirds of the way through 2016, thank you. We really appreciate the love. Hopefully, we have returned some of this love through the articles we’ve produced that have informed or inspired you. To offer a recap, here are some of what we feel are the better titles for the year:

September, 2016
9/15 (repost): Prep for a Mt Washington Climb (No additional title)
9/15 (repost): Climbing Mt Washington in Winter (No additional title)
9/20: The Hiker’s Thirteen Essentials (No additional title)
9/26: Taking to the Winter Trails (Preparing for the Winter Hiking and Snowshoeing Season) – Top Pick!
October, 2016
10/18: Tough Mountain Choices (Knowing When To Keep Climbing Versus Turning Back) – Top Pick!
10/25: Backcountry Medical Response (Dos and Don’ts of Responding to Wilderness Emergencies by Untrained Individuals)
November, 2016
11/5: Science Behind the Hike (Learn Proven Hiking Techniques for Safety and Comfort)
11/10: Modeling Best Practices (Modeling Outdoor Leader Best Practices)
11/16: Starting Out in the Whites (Advice for New White Mountains Hikers) – Top Pick!
11/30: The Boott Spur Option (Hiking and Climbing Mt Washington via Boott Spur)
December, 2016
12/8: Coming Home Alive (How to Return Safely from a Hike in the Mountains)
12/17: 22 Winter Alpine Travel Tips (No additional title) – Top Pick!

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