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How We Work

This is a glimpse into our process, from start to finish, so you’ll better know what to expect.

A. Before the Activity

  1. You visit our site and unless you’re here for a wedding (start there, if so), you hopefully find an adventure or educational offering that you like.
  2. You like it so much that you head right on over to our booking form page and start filling it out. You pick a date or date range for a day or weekend when you plan to be in the mountains.
  3. As your group’s leader, you ensure everyone in your party also fills out the booking form.
  4. We get your booking reservation via email and start processing the information. At this point we are preparing to call you.
  5. Within a day usually (unless we’re off on an adventure) we may reach out to you via the telephone (groups and courses may be handled differently). We customize our offerings to your wants and needs so we want to know as much as we can, even before we call.
  6. On the phone we speak at length about your wants and needs, we go over your clothing, gear needs, gear rentals, pick-a-day, etc., then finally, once all systems appear to be a go we send an invoice for a 50% deposit, (see our policies).
  7. As the time to your activity approaches we start eyeing the weather. At this point we still don’t know where we’re going. We have narrowed down choices based on your input, but we won’t know for sure until the day of.
  8. The time is close: while you’re making your way up here into the mountains, we are busy preparing the next day’s adventure. We are prepping the gear you requested… your Ready Pack, food and water, specialty gear, even securing local rentals on your behalf (a convenience charge of $40 applies).

B. Day of the Activity

  1. We meet up early, probably at our Basecamp at 14 Intervale Ln in Intervale, NH, with all the needed gear, though sometimes we will meet at your condo, hotel, camp, trailhead, or other convenient location.
  2. We finally meet in person and go over everything to be sure everyone is all set, properly dressed and geared up correctly. Safety! We hand out Ready Packs and other items.
  3. We go over the billing with the person responsible and charge the balance due if not already paid — typically the balance due is requested 2-7 days in advance. Now we’re ready to roll. (Nope, wait, Sally goes to the bathroom one more time.)
  4. Unless we’re meeting at a trailhead, it is likely that we will then caravan, meaning you will follow us in your vehicle, to the location of our activity.
  5. We proceed to have an amazing day full of learning and adventure… and fun!
  6. We lead you back to our meeting place via caravan (or make sure you are all set), and take back any gear, collect a gratuity if applicable, etc.
  7. Any remaining food and water in your kit is yours to keep.

C. After the Activity

  1. We may reach out to you afterward to ask you to rate us or to share some photos with you via our site, Facebook, or other social media. We have a couple of tools in place to facilitate this.
  2. If we have taken photos of your activity (which is very likely) we will share them via Facebook or Instagram (but only with your permission). You are welcome to download and keep these photos for yourself. No charge, no strings. Another way we can say thank you.
  3. Speaking of Facebook, if you would Like Us on Facebook, tell others about us, etc., we’d be so grateful. There is no better recommendation than one that comes from a friend. It would mean a lot.
  4. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future! So much so that, well…
  5. We might send you hand-selected special offers now and then, to which you may opt out of.

Hopefully that sheds some light on things. If you have additional questions, please check out our FAQs page and if that doesn’t help, just contact us. We know all the answers.

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