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The Best of 2023

We’re grateful to be able to press on, doing what we do and while making a difference — we hear it more and more each year the impact we have — and we’re grateful for it. We thank you, dear reader, our awesome guests, and our incredible Redline Guides. We’re wicked grateful for all of you and we hope you’ll all follow us while we continue […]

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Meaningful Excerpt

When hikers finish summiting all of the New Hampshire 4000-footers they can apply to the AMC to become a “member of the club” taking home a scroll and a small patch, affirming their successful endeavor. It’s an honor-system thing, lightly regulated by the committee in charge by way of board members asking for a list marked with the dates and details and a personal essay from […]

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With Gratitude

We’re thankful for both our guests and our guides. It is this amazing combination that is magic, and it would never work otherwise. We do not take this for granted and realize we are quite simply, blessed for both — and so much more. Recently we have come to learn (or be reminded) that this thankfulness works in more than one direction. Sure, our guests say […]

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Decision Making Paradox

Reality check. You might think that with more experience, more assurance would naturally follow the hiker or outdoorsman, but often the opposite is true. The more experience you have, or the more others depend on you, the more you are likely to waffle on some of your decision making, struggling at times. Second-, third-, even fourth-guessing yourself is commonplace, especially among the pros. The more one […]

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Will A.I. Hike Our Hikes?

The technology of Artificial Intelligence or A.I. is permeating our lives. But is it taking over? Will it write our words, read our texts, and speak our minds? Well, yes, it already is. We hear the drone and oddly flat speech of A.I. generated voiceovers daily now — it was a lot more uncommon until recently. There’s been a surge. We also see A.I. generated imagery […]

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Dissolution of Winter

The recent announcement from the Seasonality Division of the USDA made us panic, initially, until we realized nothing is really changing that affects us any more than we’re already being affected naturally. The reported change is simply a new naming convention which, according to the USDA/SD spokesperson, Rafael Maduro, “will better match our reality now that the effects of climate change become inarguable.” He also added, […]

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The Best of 2022

We’d love to tell you climate change has slowed significantly, that U.S. political parties are uniting for common causes, vowing for once to serve the people who voted them into their respective offices, that Covid is a fading memory, and we produced at least two stellar articles every month. Sadly, though, none of this is true as of the time of this writing. And as much […]

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Educational LNT Video

Leave No Trace (LNT) is a detailed subject with certain nuances, some of which we go over in an article we wrote some time ago. As a lighter introduction, however, we decided to put together this little educational video (below). This was done with the help of Redline Guides Mike Cherim (host, script, direction), Mike Maciel (videographer and consultant), and Pat Ferland (consultant). Pat is an […]

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Should People Feed Gray Jays?

That little question about whether or not people should feed gray jays is one of those hot-button topics. Answers will range from a flatly given “HELL NO” claiming this action will disrupt the very balance of nature to an enthusiastic “HELL YES” claiming it’s harmless, fun, and cool. The right answer is in there somewhere and we will try to flesh it out. The hope is […]

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Getting Help in the Mountains

She was taking a full day navigation course with us in preparation for a solo thru-hike of the 100-Mile Wilderness in Maine. In that class, even though it is not an orienteering course, per se, we do discuss what to do if you find yourself lost on a hike. We always suggest looking behind you for starters. People are turned and misdirected by water bars and […]

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Guide Spotlight: Mike Maciel

Because inquiring minds want to know this stuff. Because our guides are legends. They’re rock stars. People want to know what they eat for breakfast. What they think and how they feel. They want to know them during the hike as well as after. We decided to pose what we think may be three popular albeit unique questions to Redline Guide Mike Maciel: So, Mike, please […]

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Growing Cold

Realize, when growing cold, that you will never freeze to death no matter how often you claim that it is so. Hypothermia will readily claim you first. Hypothermia — an insidious cooling of the body’s core temperature — is measured in stages that may correspond to some degree to the numbers on your thermometer. What begins as the body’s simple fight for preservation, a body so […]

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