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Virtual Courses Are Real

We mentioned that we started offering virtual courses, but we really didn’t have the infrastructure, so to speak. Not at the time, anyway — it was all so new. We had no official pricing at the time, a massively overblown booking form to use for a rather simple and straightforward registration, and we didn’t even have a page to put any of it on. That has all changed now. We now have a page dedicated to our Virtual Education Courses page, and located right on that page, a special purpose-built registration form (you can even test it out below). Yay!

    Register for a Virtual Course - Click to Begin

    Use this form to register for any of our virtual course offerings. Please note that this is not a payment gateway. Also note that felds marked with a red asterisk * are required.

    STEP 1. Provide the COURSE Details...
    Choose the virtual course or courses you would like to register for, the type, and more info, if applicable.

    Please enter your preferred course date (YYYY-MM-DD) *

    Please enter your preferred course date (YYYY-MM-DD) *

    Please enter your preferred course date (YYYY-MM-DD) *

    Please enter the announced course date (YYYY-MM-DD) *

    Please enter the announced course date (YYYY-MM-DD) *


    STEP 2. Provide YOUR Details...
    We now need your information so we can process your registration.


    STEP 3. SUBMIT your registration...
    Please provide any comments or questions, answer the last question, then hit the button to finish.

    Important: By submitting this registration form, you hereby agree to our Virtual Content, Privacy, and Other Policies, and our Copyright.

    We hope to see you soon! Virtually, of course.

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