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Four Years Old

Today marks the fourth anniversary of Redline Guiding. In that span of time we have slowly learned as we led, as we taught, and as we married blissfully happy couples. In this time we have always been trying to perfect what we do. Further identifying with ourselves and carefully making our very specific mark in this world, in this country, this state, these mountains, and our within our community — and hopefully the impact we are making is a positive one. We do strive for it to be.

We can’t wax poetic, however, we haven’t the time. Business has been surprisingly brisk, but all during a time of unprecidented uncertainty, a time when comfort and complacency cannot be found. Never have we felt such uncertainty about what the future holds. Will the bottom drop this winter or will we thrive? Will be make it to and through 2021 in one piece? So far, so good. We stay positive. Have we actually learned how to safely conduct business in this time of Covid-19? Could it be possible? Maybe. We’ll tell you for sure when we reach that anniversary assuming we continue to flourish in this novel and crazy world we live in.

In the meantime, safety continues to be our first priority. What has changed are the risks and consequences, so we follow some new rules. We wisely adhere to the science and deal with this on the virus’s level. We don’t take short cuts because you can’t. Wishful thinking must be replaced by due diligence and hard work, and we have always known this. To those who have hired us, thank you for your trust.

And on that note, we have to get back at it, but will add these very important sentiments before we go:

We could never do this alone. Thus, we gratefully acknowledge and thank our guests, our students, and our couples. And we also need to gratefully thank our team of Redline Guides. Their passion, dedication, and pure awesomeness is unsurpassed. We are blessed for both… thank you. —Mike Cherim, Redline Guiding


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