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Weather Adventure, 2024

Our first Mt Washington Observatory (MWOBS) Overnight Adventure was a success. Unfortunately not everyone who signed up was able to participate. The weather was the reason for the bulk of those who didn’t do it. As often occurs on Mt Washington, the weather was being naughty. Very windy and very cold. Not enough for our trained guides to throw in the towel on, but approaching that. […]

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SnowMoon Snowshoe Success

Our recent Snow Moon Snowshoe event was a big success. We had seven participate — led by Redline Guide Mike Cherim — and they were from all over, hailing from Quebec to Florida with a couple of New England states well-represented in the middle. The super low temperatures were a cause for concern, but everyone was decently geared-up and ready, at least for the objective at […]

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Having an Impact

Every now and then the impact we have on others reminds us our importance. There are stories re-told on our testimonials page that credit us in part for people getting themselves back on trail or for stopping themselves with an ice axe during a long, sliding fall. In these reminders we see how the training we offer has really done some good. Maybe saved a life […]

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The Best of 2023

We’re grateful to be able to press on, doing what we do and while making a difference — we hear it more and more each year the impact we have — and we’re grateful for it. We thank you, dear reader, our awesome guests, and our incredible Redline Guides. We’re wicked grateful for all of you and we hope you’ll all follow us while we continue […]

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Snow Moon Snowshoe

Join Us for a Nighttime Full Moon Snowshoe Hike The second full moon of 2024 — also known as the Snow Moon — will appear on Saturday, February 24, 2024 and we’ve decided to lead a moonlight snowshoe hike for this event. This moon is named the “Snow Moon” because in February it is usually colder across the Northern Hemisphere with snowfall in many countries. This […]

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Certifiably Awesome

Or you COULD be DONE! We can save you from Black Friday, or at least help you out through the rest of today. Offering yourself or someone you love the gift of adventure is one awesome solution to your shopping season woes, and we can help. Not only by making gift certificates for our services available, but to offer them at a 10% discount if ordered […]

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With Gratitude

We’re thankful for both our guests and our guides. It is this amazing combination that is magic, and it would never work otherwise. We do not take this for granted and realize we are quite simply, blessed for both — and so much more. Recently we have come to learn (or be reminded) that this thankfulness works in more than one direction. Sure, our guests say […]

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MWOBS Overnight Adventure

This event’s sold out — Reach out to be waitlisted Join Us on an Epic Mountain Adventure! Hike/Climb Mt Washington with Redline Guiding. Stay Overnight, Safe and Sound in the Famed Mt Washington Weather Observatory Located on the Summit at the Mt Washington State Park! Extreme weather, mountain adventure, full immersion in the excitement, this trip has it all. We’re stoked to finally offer this very […]

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We’re Seven Years Old

In dog years we’re just shy of a mature and well-seasoned fifty. In human terms we no longer poop in our pants, which is good as the other second graders would point and laugh at us. Where we are as a company is somewhere in between. The other second graders definitely respect us, and our customers — “guests” as we’ve always called them — seem to […]

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Travelers’ Choice, 2023

We did it again, or rather you did it again. You made us great. Or rather our guides did it again. They made us great. Or something like that. We’re not exactly sure what the criteria is or how all this works. We do know that whatever levers were pulled or buttons were pushed must have worked as we have been presented yet again with the […]

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Bringing Back the Forest

Sawyer Pond and many locations in the White Mountain National Forest, is named after the people who lived and worked in the forest harvesting timber. Logging used to be a massive industry here. And the Forest is still logged today, but with best practices for sustainability in mind and tight controls in place, not like back in the old days. No more massive clear cuts. Logging […]

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Will A.I. Hike Our Hikes?

The technology of Artificial Intelligence or A.I. is permeating our lives. But is it taking over? Will it write our words, read our texts, and speak our minds? Well, yes, it already is. We hear the drone and oddly flat speech of A.I. generated voiceovers daily now — it was a lot more uncommon until recently. There’s been a surge. We also see A.I. generated imagery […]

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