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The Best of 2022

We’d love to tell you climate change has slowed significantly, that U.S. political parties are uniting for common causes, vowing for once to serve the people who voted them into their respective offices, that Covid is a fading memory, and we produced at least two stellar articles every month. Sadly, though, none of this is true as of the time of this writing. And as much as we would love and appreciate all of these things, we’re not there yet. Some of it depressingly out of reach, or so it seems. So, we move on making the most of what we do have. Our actual realities. And we harbor hope for the future. We hope 2023 is a great year for everyone, and we’re extremely grateful to have come this far and to have accomplished all that we have. We thank you, dear reader, our guests, and our awesome and incredible Redline Guides.

2022’s Best-Of Selections…

Regarding articles — which is part of the reason for this annual roundup — we did write a few (more than we realized, actually, and we have a few more in rough draft form as this is written). What we have published is as follows:

January, 2022
February, 2022
March, 2022
April, 2022
May, 2022
June, 2022
July, 2022
August, 2022
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September, 2022
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October, 2022
November, 2022
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December, 2022

Looking Back — A Best-Of Archive…

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