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Educational LNT Video

Leave No Trace (LNT) is a detailed subject with certain nuances, some of which we go over in an article we wrote some time ago. As a lighter introduction, however, we decided to put together this little educational video (below). This was done with the help of Redline Guides Mike Cherim (host, script, direction), Mike Maciel (videographer and consultant), and Pat Ferland (consultant). Pat is an LNT Master Trainer. The Mikes, on the other hand, are LNT Awareness-level Trainers. We can make you one, too. just reach out (see links below)

Video Linkage

The following links are referenced in the video and appear in its description:

Well, we hope you enjoyed that, and perhaps learned something. Hopefully we didn’t come off as too preachy or unprofessional. The primary “a-roll” footage was shot at various spots at a location along Route 112 (the Kanc). Traffic noise was a challenge, but it was a fun time.

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