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Foss Mountain Wedding

The couple penned their own wedding ceremonya cool option — basing their script on what we refer to as our “custom vows” (*.docx). In their version they spoke of hardships and struggles, obstacles and issues, getting to where they were was apparently no small feat. In said script they also spoke of literally walking through dust and ash. Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim wasn’t clear on the reference when he first read the text, but when he arrived at Foss Mountain in Eaton, NH, and saw evidence of a controlled burn that had occurred there, it all clicked. This was beneficial in another way, too, being that Foss Mountain has a reputation for ticks. Probably thanks to the burn, we amazingly saw none. Strong northwest winds kept all the bugs away, in fact. The day was perfect in every way, nice temps and breezes, everyone able to comfortably hike up in dress clothes. The couple’s May 19th, 2023 wedding ceremony went off without a hitch. Finally.

This connection has been officiated at last! Congratulations to the bride and groom! Married May 19th, 2023

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