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Foggy Mountain Wedding

It was as if a white veil was dropped over us as we reached the “Cow Pasture” located next to the Mt Washington Auto Road, which bisects this flat area. This is all happening not terribly far from the 6288-foot summit, and that was our goal. The original plan, to be specific, was to hike down to Lakes of the Clouds from said summit and tie the knot there. This was going to happen in dress clothes with a small posse in tow. The thick fog, cool, lively winds, and blowing rain suggested otherwise, however. When we arrived it was quickly determined to be unsuitable so we went back down to treeline. There the rains, wind, and cold were less distracting and short views were also present. The spot was semi-private and quite lovely. Accessing it, in fact, made us realize the larger original plan would have been really hard for some of the party so this worked out well. The couple married on June 17th, 2023, and we now congratulate them.

Here are a few photos from the event, taken by Redline Guide and JP Mike Cherim.

Congratulations on your wedding! We wish you and your growing family the very best for the future!

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