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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Healing Backpacking Trip

Nature is pretty amazing. Feeling down? Head out for a few days to reorder your priorities, clear your mind, and help your body work as its meant to. To move, breathe, to live. It feels good. A returning guest, introducing us to another friend of hers, really needed this trip. It was overdue. To make it really special, really as quiet and as alone as possible, […]

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Mountain to Valley

Expressive of a range, on June 26th, 2021, two couples were married in these juxtaposed places. Our Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim officiating both weddings, first married one couple atop Mt Washington, then a few hours later, and a few miles down the road, made the same connection with another couple in Waterville Valley beating out the rain. What follows are a few photos from […]

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Tripyramids Loopish

If preferring multiple routes on the Tripyramids — two of our beloved 48 4000-footers — in hopes of mixing things up to keep things interesting, creating a loop-ish sort of thing with Pine Bend Brook and Sabbaday Brook Trails is a terrific idea. That’s what Redline Guide Nico Dubois decided to do when leading an oft-returning guest as she works on her list. North and Middle […]

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Fast Forward Washington

Posted in a weird reverse order, the other day we told you about a family we led on a Mountain Pond Loop hike mentioning at the time that one member preceded that trip with a jaunt up the 6288′ Mt Washington (our biggest “4000-footer“) and that we’d be posting about it eventually. That time is now. This trip was led by Redline Guide Nico Dubois. Nico […]

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To Aid and Abet

The couple stood before our Justice of the Peace, Mike Cherim, at a site they selected, Ripley Falls in Crawford Notch, ready to be married. Nobody was around because it was still early. Smart. The sounds of the thinning waters falling with a smack then cascading over the huge face of rock in the background were clearly audible. Otherwise it was quiet, still cool and bug-free, […]

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The Bonds Backpack

[…] we savor both the accomplishment and the wonder. —Will Murphy The Bonds are awesome. And sometimes, like on this trip, led by Redline Guide Will Murphy, they are beyond awesome. When the day rains hold off, when the alpine breezes blow, and when the soup of weather swirls away to reveal a perfect day, these things come together to create something truly wondrous. Will kindly […]

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Mountain Pond Loop

Day one was all about the son and his quest to take on Mt Washington — and we’ll get to that, here (now posted). Day two was for everyone. Namely the son, plus his sister, and their mom and dad. A family of four looking for a nice hike in a remote location. Something like Mountain Pond Loop Trail in Chatham, NH (a trail maintained by […]

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Updated Covid-19 Policy

It’s not over until it’s over for everyone, worldwide, this is fact, but tell that to the people in our little corner of the world. We now see very few masks being worn anywhere. There are some holdouts, of course, but by the day they crumble and cave. Meanwhile, there are still daily infection rates hovering somewhere above zero in New Hampshire — the number’s been […]

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Two-Day Navigation Class

We recently ran a two-day Wilderness Navigation class for a mother-daughter team. Nothing unusual there, except for one thing: we rarely ever make blog posts about our classes due to a few factors, but this time, seemingly to the amusement of our guests, we made a whole 22:33 motion picture about their experience. Check it out (contains some reminders for past students)… Great job everyone!

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Guide Spotlight: Arlette Laan

Our guides are a big deal. They’re cool, smart, good looking, and really good at what they do. As such, we like to spend some time sharing information about them so that you, dear reader, will appreciate them as much as we do. In this entry we will cast our guide spotlight on Redline Guide Arlette Laan — who’s currently hiking the massive 4700-mile North Country […]

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“The Best Guided Hike”

Redline Guiding provides unparalleled service in the realm of guide services. Folks say stuff like that when we lead them into paradise and their minds are blown. They see photos and watch videos, but in person it’s something else, not entirely describable. Inasmuch we have to admit that our video productions, the one below and any we’ve ever done, will only clue folks in so much […]

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Taking on Wildcat Ridge

She came to us a new hiker with little confidence. As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, however, we’ve been witnessing a change in her. Watching from afar like a proud parent as she ventures out west to take on some of what that region has to offer, and seeing this development up close with our own eyes here […]

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