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Mountain to Valley

Expressive of a range, on June 26th, 2021, two couples were married in these juxtaposed places. Our Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim officiating both weddings, first married one couple atop Mt Washington, then a few hours later, and a few miles down the road, made the same connection with another couple in Waterville Valley beating out the rain. What follows are a few photos from each event.

Mountain Wedding

The couple hiked up in the morning with the hopes of getting married on the summit at around 11:30am. They were met there by family and friends who came up on the train. There were very limited views, but it was a gorgeous setting nonetheless.

A nice spot by the Tip-Top House.

Before the wedding.

Prepping indoors in the Sherman Adams Building.

Tracks into the mist.

I would climb any mountain…

Alexander and Maria — Married June 26th, 2021

Valley Wedding

There was no hiking involved with this event, the couple opting for more formality, plus they had to consider the needs of a greater number of guests. This wedding was threatened by rain, but the couple was blessed with good fortunate, the umbrella at the ready.

The arbor on rehearsal day.

A different kind of order.

An elaborate set up (Photo by Rick Bouthiette).

The ceremony (Photo by Rick Bouthiette).

An emotional wedding (Photo by Rick Bouthiette).

Jared and Morgan — Married June 26th, 2021

Four people, forever interconnected… congratulations to you all! May the blessings of your day continue!

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