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Updated Covid-19 Policy

The sun seems to be setting on Covid-19. Or let’s hope it is and not some teaser, some false start to normalcy. We’re ready!

It’s not over until it’s over for everyone, worldwide, this is fact, but tell that to the people in our little corner of the world. We now see very few masks being worn anywhere. There are some holdouts, of course, but by the day they crumble and cave. Meanwhile, there are still daily infection rates hovering somewhere above zero in New Hampshire — the number’s been back to double digits for a while now. For some, even locally, their nightmare is just beginning. Yet, undeniably, all around us, things are getting back to “normal.” Once again hugging and shaking hands are things people do. Important and meaningful things. Jimmy Kimmel’s “el-bump” was awesome and we thought for sure it would have staying power, but it’s pretty much gone. It’s not who we are or how we operate as humans, apparently. Normal… yeah, we’re ready for it. Inasmuch, we have updated our once-extensive Covid-19 policies. Simplified and brought up-to-date, they now read as follows.

  • Group Sizes: Not much has changed there in terms of our day-to-day operations. Most of our offerings have been private and will remain so, though no longer by way of a policy mandate. Private groups are still encouraged and will be discounted as always.
  • Building Capacity: We will restrict the number of guests inside our building to twelve (12) with up to three (3) guides and (1) caretaker at any given time. This is pretty much normal capacity for us anyway.
  • Face Masks: We will no longer require that face masks be worn in our facility, provided, that is that the visitor is vaccinated. If not, we ask that non-vaccinated visitors wear a mask, more for their protection than ours at this point.
  • Sanitizer/PPE: Our guests will no longer be required to carry these items, though we will still recommend them. Moreover, this applies to our guides. The bag-valve-masks (BVMs) will now be carried by our guides optionally. We will not require them.
  • Health Checks: We will no longer be asking questions. If you’re not feeling well, however, if dealing with flu or Covid-19 symptoms, we ask that you advise staff, remain outside of our facility, and mask up if in close contact with anyone.

We ask that our guests to be on the honor system in terms of their vaccination status and their health. We invite any questions and concerns our guides and guests may have. We’re easy to contact.

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