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Healing Backpacking Trip

Nature is pretty amazing. Feeling down? Head out for a few days to reorder your priorities, clear your mind, and help your body work as its meant to. To move, breathe, to live. It feels good. A returning guest, introducing us to another friend of hers, really needed this trip. It was overdue. To make it really special, really as quiet and as alone as possible, we decided a backpack into the Wild River Wilderness would be ideal. Once there they could establish a base camp in the forest then from there take day hikes to several locations: South Cater Dome, Eagle Crag, or the Ramparts of Carter Notch, and others. On this trip Redline Guide Pat Ferland went with the latter two we named. These were perfect choices. Our guest commented on how shockingly wild it all was. “Trail? What trail?!” Pat never let them down on navigating in these wild areas.

Guests and guide both furnished photos of the trip. We used them to create the following short video montage:

Good lead, Pat. Good trip, team. Thanks for continuing to adventure with Redline Guiding.

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