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“The Best Guided Hike”

Redline Guiding provides unparalleled service in the realm of guide services.

Folks say stuff like that when we lead them into paradise and their minds are blown. They see photos and watch videos, but in person it’s something else, not entirely describable. Inasmuch we have to admit that our video productions, the one below and any we’ve ever done, will only clue folks in so much as to what it’s really like out there in our cherished wilderness areas. We’re trying, though. We aim to use only the most telling adjectives in our texts, and in our clips we added sound effects to bring the photos to life all the more. To better immerse our readers, viewers, and our listeners. To convey and successfully deliver the experience. What follows are all the tools of the trade we can muster. We will begin with an essay from Redline Guide Mike Maciel. This we will follow up with guest testimonial and a video presentation.

First: The Adventures of Coachella & Krispie…

I had a feeling these two were going to be a lot of fun. Maybe it was the joyful text messages during pre-trip planning. Or the excitement with which they arrived at basecamp, literally zero hesitation about a potentially poor weather day. The fact that we all had PB&J’s packed for lunch, used some of the same silly words, or that they got really excited when it finally started to rain. There was no doubt about it, these were my people, and we were going to have a great day.
So off the beaten path we went, leaving peakbagging behind and instead searching for peace, beauty, and solitude. One guest was working to prove something while another just decided at the last minute to drive 500 miles to support her dear friend. Everyone needs a friend like that.
They loved all the small things. The smell of the axe cut trees, the setting of the boardwalk, and the ambiance of Zealand Falls. They were amazed at the irregular beauty of Whitewall Slide. When you take guests to some of your favorite places, you hope they get it, and Thoreau Falls did not disappoint. They even dipped their feet in the cool water after lunch.
Our guests were returned to civilization tired but happy, and proud of their accomplishments as the big miles led to big smiles. Trail names were even earned today, they exited the woods as Coachella & Krispie. They told us they’d be back, and we hope to adventure with them again soon enough. —Mike M.


Second: This Awesome Testimonial…

Today I and a friend an took an amazing hike with guide Mike Maciel for what was the best guided hike I have ever been on. From start to finish Redline [Guiding] provides unparalleled service in the realm of guide services. Once our trip was booked and was assigned to Mike as our guide, he called and took great interest in learning about what type of hike we wanted and asked us questions that helped him plan the perfect trip! From start to finish Mike was fun, helpful and concerned with our comfort allowing us to set the pace. He filled us with welcome tips and advice! I could not be happier with the day that I had and would highly recommend Redline Guiding and Mike Maciel! Thanks for a wonderful day! —Guest Comment


Third: And Now This…

Great job, Mike, and to our guests, thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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