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Monthly Archives: January 2020

Women’s Winter Hiking Intro

This was the second day of an event that initially took place last week. A women’s-only winter hiking intro course. This one was special as it was run by Redline Guide Arlette Laan, and she’s a bit of an expert. As this is being written, Arlette has spent far more time outside than inside in 2020, day and night, she had been after it doing a […]

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Classic Presi… Almost

The big ones in the north were done. The rest will remain for another day. The team started hours before the sun rose, but this was important so as to avoid inclement weather forecast for later on that day. As much as the they wanted to fly up the mountain to seize the ridge and start their winter Classic — Madison to Pierce — Presidential traverse, […]

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White Mountain Outdoor Fest

Outdoor recreation organizations are teaming up with the Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce to bring you the very first White Mountain Outdoor Fest — June 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2020. There will be mountain biking, trail running, a 5k run/walk, road biking, kayaking, hiking with Redline Guiding, stewardship, clinics, demonstrations, music, food, and probably more, all available at the first ever White Mountain Outdoor […]

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MLK Weekend Classes and Hikes

Best birthday ever! We get so busy that sometimes it’s just easier and more practical to consolidate. And over the past few days, we’ve been super busy. So this post is just going to whip it all up into one whirlwind post covering the past few days. But first, let’s looks at what went on. First we had a Ridj-it group come up from Boston to […]

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It’s All About the Guides

It’s hard to keep up with all the cool things our guides do, but some things do stand out… Arlette Laan Awarded #1 Fastest Known Time of the Year (FKTOY), Female Hiking a diettissima, at least here in the White Mountain National Forest, refers to hiking all 48 of the 4000-footers in one continuous hike. This can be done supported (people can help), self-supported (you stash […]

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Sabbaday Snowstorm Wedding

Billy Idol would have said that it was a nice day for a white wedding and we would have to wholeheartedly agree. And so would the bride and groom. You see, this snowy day wedding was requested. The couple, from Florida, wanted to have a wedding in the woods, snowy and beautiful. This was her wish, in particular. To walk into the snow laden forest and […]

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The 13th Essential

For a long time we have embraced and promoted the Hiker’s Thirteen Essentials as the recommended hiker carry list for use in the White Mountains. This, for those who weren’t aware, goes above and beyond the well-known “Ten Essentials” by adding sheltering material like a bivy or tarp, a partial or full size foam sleeping pad, and sun protection to the list. We felt the latter […]

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Undercast Sunrise on Adams

We have been helping a peakbagger with now only 23 peaks remaining finish his GRID (that means hiking all 48 4000-footers in every month of the year — 48×12=576 peaks). We have been assisting with some of the winter mountains. Obviously this guest is extremely experienced. He hires us because having a knowing companion in the less forgiving winter months is just plain smart. That knowledge […]

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2020 Couples’ Choice Award

We’re excited to be the recipient of our second Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award. This one for 2020. This is being given, of course, for our very cool and pretty much unbeatable mountain top and wilderness wedding services (and vows renewals). Didn’t know we did that?! Well, are you’re ready for some real adventure? Maybe marriage is the thing for you. And if that’s how you […]

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A Winter Day

We have come to understand over the years that some folks don’t like the term “bluebird day.” We have no idea why this is, perhaps it’s too cliche. It makes little sense. Or it did make little sense. It has recently come to light that this entire dislike of the term was a trend started by the gray jays. Ahh, rearing its ugly head again, the […]

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Three Tours

We had three hiking tours out there in the White Mountains over the past two days and decided to consolidate them in one brief overview. The first was assisting a peakbagger with getting Madison and Adams in winter. On task for this was Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire. They were able to summit both mountains. The second tour was to assist another winter peakbagger with two peaks […]

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Nighttime Snowshoe Hikes

UPDATE: Due to CoVid-19, we will be cancelling our final trips. Our recent Starlight Snowshoe hike was such a success, we decided to offer six (6) more dates… Join us for a fun time on one or more of six nighttime snowshoe hikes planned for this winter. These will not be high intensity, or high speed hikes. These will be more socially-oriented. We will, in fact, […]

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