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Women’s Winter Hiking Intro

This was the second day of an event that initially took place last week. A women’s-only winter hiking intro course. This one was special as it was run by Redline Guide Arlette Laan, and she’s a bit of an expert. As this is being written, Arlette has spent far more time outside than inside in 2020, day and night, she had been after it doing a winter Direttissima with her husband Rich since December. Shadowing her new Redline Guide Deb Dunn. You’ll hear more about her in time. Together the two guides made a good team complementing each other in the class and on trail.

They spent the morning at the Redline Guiding Basecamp in Intervale going over gear, layering, self care, and so much more. In the afternoon they hiked to the summit of Middle Mountain in the Green Hills Preserve in North Conway. Conditions were a bit sloppy on trail, but they were determined to use their snowshoes so they did. As expected, this was beneficial as the snowshoes actually prevented them from slipsliding around like the barebooters and those people who wore only light traction. Temperatures were unseasonably spring-like, the skies blue and with lovely sunshine.

Here are a few images of the class provided by Arlette and Deb.

The disembodied snowshoer.

Do not upset teacher. Arlette’s really a nice person, don’t let this picture scare you.

Students engaged in learning.

Random photo from the day.

These two appear to be happy.

Tricky crossing.

What a terrific day they are having, that much is clear.

Middle Mountain at last.

Well done everyone.

The real celebration may start after the hike, when everyone is safely off the mountain.

Great lead Arlette and Deb. Kudos to the whole team. Thank you for choosing Redline Guiding.

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