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A Winter Day

We have come to understand over the years that some folks don’t like the term “bluebird day.” We have no idea why this is, perhaps it’s too cliche. It makes little sense. Or it did make little sense. It has recently come to light that this entire dislike of the term was a trend started by the gray jays. Ahh, rearing its ugly head again, the despicable politics of nature.

In this episode we will abstain from using the term “bluebird day” — our nod to the haters out there, and of course to the gray jays. We won’t call it a “gray jay day,” however, either. That just doesn’t seem right, even though it has been requested. To be politically correct, then, we will not refer to the day’s color, hue, tint, or even its saturation, not at all. We will simply call it a day. Because this day took place in winter, we will refer to it as a “winter day.” Please feel free to add your adjectives, elations, or expletives of choice at will as you may deem necessary. We will show photos. You decide.

Jokes aside, on this hiking tour we provided knowledgeable companionship and a margin of safety to a fellow peakbagger working on his GRID. This is good as the day, as forecast, was breezy and quite cold. In the col between East and Mount Osceolatwo of the 4000-footers — the winds buffeted the team. Then later, on the latter summit, the frigid air was calm. This tour was led by Redline Guide Ken Hodges. Every once in a while Ken guides on actual White Mountains’ trails.

These are the faces of feeling alive.

The brightness and contrast is nice, and the sky’s so, um… colorful.

Only two others on these mountains on this day. Solitude.

Incredible views.

Yep, stunning.


Well done!

Great lead, Ken, and congratulations to our guest on two more winter summits. Thanks for choosing Redline Guiding.

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