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MLK Weekend Classes and Hikes

Best birthday ever!

We get so busy that sometimes it’s just easier and more practical to consolidate. And over the past few days, we’ve been super busy. So this post is just going to whip it all up into one whirlwind post covering the past few days. But first, let’s looks at what went on. First we had a Ridj-it group come up from Boston to join us for some winter and mountaineering skills. This was taught by Redline Guide Ken Hodges with Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak co-leading. They were taking this training to prepare for a Mt Washington ascent the next day. The climb itself was led by Jeffrey Shutak with Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire co-leading. While this was occurring, Ken Hodges was taking over for Redline Guide Arlette Laan teaching a women’s only, special winter Hiking Intro course which included a half-day snowshoe hike to the summit of Peaked Mountain in the Green Hills Preserve in North Conway. And while that was going on, Redline Guide and owner Mike Cherim was teaching our half day mountaineering skills course, followed by a winter-modified River Skills course. The following day Mike was again teaching, this time a wilderness navigation course with Redline Guide Katie Vaughan shadowing the course. Katie will hopefully be teaching this course in the future. Next day, a bonus day, Ryan Mcguire was out with a guest celebrating her birthday on Mt Washington. Shadowing this hike was Redline Guide Mike Maciel. Okay, deep breath.

Following are several randomly ordered photos of our extended Martin Luther King Jr weekend. See photo captions for details.

Our Peaked Mountain team enjoying the right amount of snowshoe challenge.

Ryan on point on Mt Washington as he lead the bulk of the party to Lion Head. Guest photo.

The river skills course trying out some techniques for walking on snowy/icy rocks. Guest photo.

Our snowshoe team, newly informed, is ready to roll.

Cog shelter view.

Katie, right, looks on as a students works on a navigation problem.

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