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Sabbaday Snowstorm Wedding

Yani and Joseph — Married January 16th, 2020

Billy Idol would have said that it was a nice day for a white wedding and we would have to wholeheartedly agree. And so would the bride and groom. You see, this snowy day wedding was requested. The couple, from Florida, wanted to have a wedding in the woods, snowy and beautiful. This was her wish, in particular. To walk into the snow laden forest and be married in nature. Calling us was a natural thing to do. And having a miracle wedding in the fresh snow was just awesome luck. Hopefully a precursor of the many blessings to come to this couple in the decades to come.

We were offering photographic services for this couple’s nuptials and in charge of that was Redline Guide Mike Maciel. He went way above and beyond the call of duty on this gig, however. Mike showed up hours early and, using snowshoes, broke out the trail to Sabbaday Falls for the couple and officiant/owner Mike Cherim. This was a super cool thing to do.

All together we walked in toward the falls stopping here and there for photos. It was barely freezing out so this allowed us to linger and take our time. When we got to the lower pool it was decided that would be our altar. What a great spot. That was until the winds came and created an honest-to-goodness snow squall. But that made it even more fun and exciting. And the fun didn’t end there. On the way out the bride and groom had a snow “cake” exchange and decided to make snow angels. It was all in good fun. Check out these cool photos revealing their day:

Sabbaday Falls Trail.

Mike Maciel stomped down the aisle with his snowshoes making it a lot easier on the bride and groom.

It was a formal wedding, but the couple allowed the snowshoes and gaiters on Mike the J.P. Photo by a Mike M.

What an amazing day.

The walk in. Mike lent his umbrella to the bride.

Mike M. getting all those walking down the aisle shots.

Winter wonderland.

The bouquet.

A new wedding perspective.

A new classic for 2020: The Wedding Selfie.

The winds shook our snow globe.

Blizzardy fun.

The bride and groom both exhibit calm amid the chaos. Photo by Mike M.

Wedding time. Photo by Mike M.

The ceremony is a beautiful one. Photo by Mike M.

Mike M. gets more photos at the top of the falls (broken out by both Mikes).

Trail breaking J.P. (Awesome snowshoes, Philip. Thanks!)

The infamous snow cake tradition is alive and well. Fresh!

Everyone makes their way out.

Rings photo.

The newlyweds stop to made snow angels. This is adorable.

The groom offers his bride a helping hand.

General Purpose J.P. and his JeeP. Photo by Mike M.

The winds and snow made the drive back interesting at times.

Congratulations Yani and Joseph. May all your days be so pure and full of joy and all your wishes come true.

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