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Three Tours

We had three hiking tours out there in the White Mountains over the past two days and decided to consolidate them in one brief overview. The first was assisting a peakbagger with getting Madison and Adams in winter. On task for this was Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire. They were able to summit both mountains. The second tour was to assist another winter peakbagger with two peaks on her list: Pierce and Eisenhower. This tour was led by owner Mike Cherim. They, too, were successful. The final tour, led by Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak, was to assist yet another winter peakbagger with Monroe and Mt Washington. Unfortunately, and as is often the case, the testy Mt Washington weather deterred them. Next time!

Hike I: Madison and Adams

Hike II: Pierce and Eisenhower

Hike III: Monroe and Washington

Barring the weather challenges, well done one and all!

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