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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Some Courses Now Online

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. It’s the truth. A necessity for us — for the greater good — is that we suspended our normal operations for an unspecified period of time. Our “invention,” so to speak, is that we are trying new things, because another necessity is making a living. Specifically we are dabbling in the dark arts of video […]

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Riding Out Coronavirus

Please take note of the following: Operational Status Being a non-critical business we are suspending almost all operations (see below) until… well, until it’s safe to resume them normally without putting anyone in jeopardy: our guides, our guests, and anyone who could become involved with us to include other hikers, merchants, SAR, anyone. If you have a booking and require a reschedule with us please know […]

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Prepare and Succeed

When beginning a day where we teach Winter and Mountaineering Skills, we tell our students that “real or imagined, we’re planning and preparing to ascend Mt Washington via the Lion Head Trail’s ‘Winter Route’ the very next day” explaining this is the premise of the course and we will in the process prepare them for that very task. Everything learned, of course, is useful on any […]

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Three Days in NH

Our guest’s family had purchased gift certificates from us over the holidays because they knew he wanted to do some things with us, and that all came to be this week. First it began with some Winter and Mountaineering Skills classes taught by Redline Guide Ken Hodges. Next up was an attempt of Mount Washington led by Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire, but as is so often […]

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Dealing with Coronavirus

Here at Redline Guiding we strive to post only positive content, but in this current situation, positivity is something we will have to reach for, and it may be challenging at times. The very first thing we would like to say is that we offer our hopes and prayers to everyone, and we mean that globally. Of course, we, like you, are affected on a very […]

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Jeffrey Becomes a JP

We officiated up to three weddings in a single day last year — yes, we do weddings. We expect more of the same this year and as such have asked Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak if he would apply to become a N.H. Justice of the Peace. He agreed, and now there are two of us. Thus, as the state puts it, let it be known… To […]

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A Presidential Attempt

The plan was to complete a Classic Presidential Traverse — Madison to Pierce — but what ended up happening was an attempt at said traverse. An attempt that yielded Mounts Madison and Adams, which is no small feat in its own right. As is often the case with those taller 4000-footers, the weather proved too formidable a foe. In this case it was the wind. We […]

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Two Day Presi-Traverse

The plan was to ascend the northern ridge, bag some 4000-footers, Madison first, then Adams, then retreat down to the Randolph Mountain Club’s (RMC) Gray Knob Cabin located at treeline. The following morning the team was to continue to Jefferson heading directly to Edmand’s Col via Gray Knob Trail and Randolph Path over Israel Ridge to get there. Afterward our single returning guest — led by […]

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Mt Washington. Finally!

Prior attempts proved futile so it was an even more awesome accomplishment to finally conquer the mountain and summit the 6288′ Mt Washington. Between weather and other mitigating circumstances, twice it has eluded the team, so on this day, this summit is the result of perseverance. That, and that the third time really is a charm. Guiding this guest, on this trip and on all the […]

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It’s Still Winter

Reports from the regions down yonder speak of brown grasses warming in the sun, awaiting their cue to rise and reach to such heights they sway in the season’s warm breezes. It seems too soon, though. Up here there is snow on the ground — and, honestly, that seems right. Sure, it is March. Spring does happen this month. But life is too short to run […]

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