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Some Courses Now Online

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. It’s the truth. A necessity for us — for the greater good — is that we suspended our normal operations for an unspecified period of time. Our “invention,” so to speak, is that we are trying new things, because another necessity is making a living. Specifically we are dabbling in the dark arts of video conferencing via Facetime (for iUsers), Skype, or Zoom for groups. In fact, we had our first virtual class, teaching our Camp Craft course online. With the help of videos of action outdoors, and the use of props indoors, we were able to get it done. We are prepared to do this for some of our other courses, too. For example, we are confident we can offer a half day Wilderness Navigation and half day Hiking Introduction course. So, if you want to hike, backpack, or navigate the wilds and want to learn more, we can help.

If you would like to do one of these courses with us, just contact us or use our booking form. As always, it’s all custom so pretty much whenever you would like to do your class is when we’ll do it. Also, please note, weddings are still on the table as well.

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