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A Presidential Attempt

The plan was to complete a Classic Presidential Traverse — Madison to Pierce — but what ended up happening was an attempt at said traverse. An attempt that yielded Mounts Madison and Adams, which is no small feat in its own right. As is often the case with those taller 4000-footers, the weather proved too formidable a foe. In this case it was the wind. We saw that a small window was possible, a lull, but that window failed to materialize, or it passed too quickly. In any case, we tried. Wanting to deliver the fullest experience possible, the remainder of the time, Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire taught our guest mountaineering skills after their shortened hike.

Early morning on Madison.

The Mt Adams summit.

Some mountaineering skills training.

Nice try, team. We know it was gnarly up there (video). Thanks for choosing Redline Guiding.

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