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Mt Washington. Finally!

Prior attempts proved futile so it was an even more awesome accomplishment to finally conquer the mountain and summit the 6288′ Mt Washington. Between weather and other mitigating circumstances, twice it has eluded the team, so on this day, this summit is the result of perseverance. That, and that the third time really is a charm. Guiding this guest, on this trip and on all the prior trips as well, was Redline Guide Ken Hodges. Together they got it. Finally!

They began with an alpine start in the pre-dawn to maximize their chances.

The team took on the steep sections of the Ammo Trail.

Reaching Lakes of the Clouds. Emphasis on clouds.

The climb is real.

But the reward is worth it. This moment was well-earned.


Staying sheltered for the moment.


Again… yes!

Down is done, time for the bar and celebration libations.

They’re reminiscing but things are foggy at the moment.

Great job getting it done one and all. Thanks for choosing Redline Guiding!

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