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Snowy Kearsarge North

A returning guest visited us hoping to do some backcountry skiing. There was only one problem: the snow had just started falling that morning and it had so far been a lean snow year. In other words, we didn’t quite yet have enough of a base to ski on without trashing our gear. Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire, who was going to take him on the tour, asked if he would consider a hike instead. Ryan then turned to Mike for a suggestion. Due to the accessible lookout tower on the top of the Kearsarge North (one of the White Mountains‘ very own 52-With-A-View peaks), that one seemed like a worthy peak to go after. It was. The team enjoyed themselves, though they had no views and only got limited photos due to the weather.

Snowy day, but there is little snow on the ground.

Random forest photo.


The tower sets it apart from the other mountain choices. Perfect for this day.

Good job one and all. Thanks for coming back to Redline Guiding.

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