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Backpack Porter Service

Flexibility in business is a positive thing.

Whenever we and our guests are able, we will often work around the weather or anything that might lessen the enjoyment of the day. This isn’t policy, per se, but it is how it is. Policies are designed to protect us when we can’t, but if we can… well, flexibility in business is a positive thing so we try our best.

Also a good thing is adaptability. And we are all about that, too. When two guests, for example, requested something completely new and different from us, we listened, then we said “yes, we can do that.” The specifics of the job are as follows. Our guests, one of whom wishes to remain anonymous for professional reasons, asked if we could bring a tent — which they rented from us — their sleeping bags, pads, extra water, and other camp craft essentials to the clearing near the summit of the 4700′ Mt Carrigain and establish camp for them. A fully supported backpack. Like a porter! Or maybe like a Bellhop offering mountain top room service! Then come back the following day to break camp — LNT Housekeeping — and bring everything back down. Well, you know what we said, right? “Yes, we can do that.

Please note, we weren’t acting as a guide on this project, though we will pay our Forest Service fees. Also note that they didn’t really need our expertise, per se. Only our willingness and our muscle. They had concerns about the extra weight is all. Both guests were quite experienced backpackers and hikers and inasmuch knew it is supposed to be fun. As such we were able to put our newest Redline Guide Mike Maciel on this project. He did really terrific with this according to our guests. They were very complimentary, in fact!

We have to say, Mike went above and beyond, not just refreshing their water stocks in the morning as he re-climbed Carrigain — with a sense of deja vu, he said — but he kindly brought them each a fresh, crisp apple to start their day. He thought they’d appreciate some fresh fruit after eating a freeze dried dinner out of a bag. They did! Mike also went above and beyond before the trip ever started by modifying the schedule around the weather. That’s that flexibility we were taking about. Thanks Mike!

Since this was a partially private tour, we were only to to show the following photos, used with permission.

Mike M charged and ready for action.

Mike drafted our guests up the mountain… so they kept a caring eye on him, and he on them.

The amazing views atop Signal Ridge.

Our guests soak it all in. It is sublime.

They continue along the ridge, summit and tower ahead.

Stellar summit views.

A gray jay (Canadian jay) lands on the tower’s railing, more than likely looking for a handout.

Redline Guide Mike Maciel. The stoke is real. Times two.

Near summit camp.

Sunrise on Carrigain. Very beautiful!

Super job, Mike. Well done, team. And thank you for choosing Redline Guiding… & Portering 🙂

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