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Three Years, Four Inches

We turned three today, going into our fourth year of business […]

In a previous life, under the name of a different company, and more than a decade past, a vertical stack of four inches of paper was “used” every two weeks or so. The company was pro-environmental by its very nature — living organisms were sold as biological pest control agents — and at the time four inches was exemplary. Especially since that paper was shredded and used for packaging.

Here at Redline Guiding we have led hundreds of people on hundreds of Adventures, taught hundreds of individuals one or more of our Educational offerings, and have married the rest. In that time we have created a stack of about four inches of waste paper here at our office. That’s worth celebrating. We turned three today, going into our fourth year of business, and we haven’t obliterated the environment in the process. We love this. Yay digital.

One might notice we have categorized this blog post under Trips as well as News. That’s because it’s been a trip. We love not only our guides, but also our guests, supporters, and followers. Thank you for helping us be here with you today!

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