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Monthly Archives: February 2022

Trail 9 of 11

We can barely keep up with all that our Redline Guides do. Between the trips and adventures they lead, the training they put themselves through, and all that they do on their days off recreating, it’s sometimes a little mind blowing and always impressive, at the very least. This post marks yet another accomplishment. This time it’s Redline Guide Arlette Laan… a.k.a. Apple Pie or just […]

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Epitome of Who We Are

This one episode of Windows to the Wild epitomizes who we are — it exposes our core. This will make our third appearance on Windows to the Wild (see footnote), a staple of the New Hampshire Public Broadcasting Station (NHPBS), hosted by the beloved Willem Lange. And here it is, without further ado: Windows to the Wild: Sectional Hiker – Season 17, Episode 4 » This […]

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More Weekend Fun

Some folks sit at home, layered up against the cold, and losing that battle without cranking the furnace costing them a fortune. Meanwhile, other folks are running around outside, staying active, sporting a light shirt or thin jacket as their only defense again a life-robbing cold. How is this even possible? The sit-at-home folks do wonder. It completely defies logic. They repeat it back. “Let me […]

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We Hiked. We Skied. We Climbed.

Summer into fall is our busiest season, but winter is not far behind as there are so many awesome things to do for those willing to get out there and suffer. Actually, we kid about that last part: the suffering. Not to say there isn’t some discomfort in winter, there is on some days, but once it’s understood how to minimize it, barring the very coldest […]

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Growing Cold

Realize, when growing cold, that you will never freeze to death no matter how often you claim that it is so. Hypothermia will readily claim you first. Hypothermia — an insidious cooling of the body’s core temperature — is measured in stages that may correspond to some degree to the numbers on your thermometer. What begins as the body’s simple fight for preservation, a body so […]

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Two-Day Glacier Skills Deal

Do you have plans to climb a big glaciated peak this year? If yes, this special joinable Two-Day Glacier Skills/Crevasse Rescue course is for you. These skills, like many we use in the mountains, are highly perishable. If not put to use regularly, you can lose them. So whether this is your first time or you’re looking for a refresher, you’ll get some terrific instruction from […]

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Mt Jackson in Wintah?

February — at least the one in the video below and images above — is barely visible. It’s almost too nice. Back when we were kids February meant business. It was cold, windy, snowing, and uphill both ways. Ayuh, it was. On this trip led by Redline Guide Mike Maciel, winter had evidently visited for a little bit but hadn’t really lingered. Sure, there were signs […]

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